Three Rutgers Commits Watch Carroo's Decision

MOUNTAINSIDE, N.J. — Last Saturday's commitment ceremony for Leonte Carroo was an exciting one for Rutgers fans, getting the first four-star recruit in the Class of 2012. It was more exciting for the three Rutgers commits that were in attendance. Receiver Carlton Agudosi, linebacker Steven Longa and tight end Michael Giacone spoke about their lives since commitment and reactions to Carroo.

MOUNTAINSIDE, N.J. — spoke with three Rutgers commits in attendance about the addition of Leonte Carroo to the Class of 2012.

Saddle Brook LB Steve Longa

When Carroo pulled a Rutgers hat out of a bag, placed it on his head and gave the customary Rutgers "chop," Longa was one of the first to embrace his new teammate in celebration.

The fifth member of Rutgers' recruiting class, Longa said each of the following nine commitments excited him, but that Carroo's is special.

"That's not really a guy I want to have to cover at outside linebacker," Longa said of Carroo's talents. "He's a big guy and he can really move. I'm glad I'll only have to go against him in practices. I'm the kind of linebacker that likes to hit and he's so fast I wouldn't get a chance. I wouldn't like to cover him."

With the option to play in seven other states, Longa was one of the forerunners in the "stay home" mentality of the class.

Longa thinks the best way to keep the top talent in New Jersey is to lead by example.

"It's very important to keep things in New Jersey," he said. "We kind of know each other and it's a good bond and a good family. All of us from New Jersey want to keep this going and represent our state."

Since Longa's commitment, he enjoyed the Nike events on Oregon's campus, but is now focused on his senior season after taking in one training camp practice at Rutgers.

"I've been very happy since my commitment," he said. "I've been focusing on my training and on my school. I'm just trying to get bigger and faster and be competitive with everybody else. I want to be prepared for my season and also be preparing for the next level.

"[Oregon] was very nice," Longa said. "Not only did I get to play with the best in the country, but I got to meet the guys I aspire to be some day. I got to hang out with the pros like Ndamukong Suh and learn about what it really takes and what you have to do to make it and for me to live my dream."

Franklin WR Carlton Agudosi

No recruit was quicker on the trigger in this class than Agudosi. The 6-foot-6 receiver from Franklin was ready to commit and announce his choice within a week of receiving his offer.

At his announcement ceremony, Agudosi stated that bringing in other top New Jersey players like Carroo and Darius Hamilton was one of his top goals.

"I had said when I committed that I was going to help recruit these Bosco guys," Agudosi said. "I was hoping Leonte would come and now him and me can team up and finish this class strong. Combined, that's a good recruiting pitch."

Carroo and Agudosi each live within a few minutes of Rutgers Stadium and hope to get together on or off campus in the future.

"We're only like 10 minutes away from each other," he said. "Obviously we're both having the same goals in our mind. Right now we're both focused on our seasons, but after that, we're both all about Rutgers and trying to get better."

Agudosi has been to two Rutgers practices in the first week of training camp.

St. Peters Prep TE Michael Giacone

Giacone, who committed a month ago in a much smaller ceremony, was ecstatic with Carroo's choice. But the tight end and 13th member of Rutgers' recruiting class is not excited about the next time he likely sees Carroo.

"I've got to beat Leonte first before I can be his teammate," Giacone said. "This year, all the top guys are choosing Rutgers. Hopefully Leonte and me and everyone can help keep the rest of the New Jersey talent home. It's crucial to keep the talent in New Jersey. It's something special that not a lot of places can do. I'm excited to have that opportunity."

Since Giacone's decision, he said a small group of schools are still in contact with him, but he is firmly committed to Rutgers.

"I'm very respectful about it," he said. "I just tell them, ‘thank you, but I've already made my choice and I'm very happy with it.'"

Giacone's goal for now is simply to focus on getting ready for the season with St. Peters Prep's training camp already started.

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