Jersey Shore players stealing the show

 New Jersey's "Jersey Shore"
players steal the show - again!
By Chris Melvin ( 4/27/03

A few weeks ago - Keyport HS Wr/Db JJ Bedle turned heads at the Garden States' Athletes Edge Football combine. In addition, fellow Jersey Shoreans' Red Bank Regional won over-all team honors in points.
But on Sunday, April 27 in Happy Valley - Bedle once again stole the show!
"I was motivated by what people said about me - what colleges where saying," Bedle stated after the combine. "Some players where supposed to come up here (to Penn State) - but they never showed-up! I want to prove a point to everyone who doubts me - who said I was slow ... this was for all the nonbelievers," he added.
For those who felt Bedle lacked speed - may want to awaken themselves from a dream!
Bedle clocked a blazing 4.31 forty in front of coaches and onlookers and jumped over 35 inches in his vertical!
"I wasn't feeling to well today ... I have a sprained-ankle and I wasn't prepared for the outdoor drills," Bedle stated.
He was not prepared to do outdoor drills because he left his cleats at home - thinking all the drills and on-on-one coverage sessions will take place indoors in Haluba Hall.
Because of beautiful weather - the sessions and drills took place outside forcing Bedle to perform drills and run routes in sneakers.
He still impressed!
He still ran precise routes, dove for and snagged-passes out of the air with no problem.
"I came to prove a point - just to prove a point," Bedle added.

Long Branch HS,NJ Rb/LB Greg Otey 6-1/250 4.47(40),
33 inch vertical, 185 bench(19x)
Long Branch HS, NJ DB/WR Mike Bland 5-10/182  4.39(40)
4.27 pro-agility, 33.7 vertical
JP Steven's HS,NJ LM Jeremy Zuttah 6-4/292  4.9(40)
185 bench(28x)
Keyport HS, NJ Rb/Db Ken Cattouse 5-10/190 4.53(40)
4.31 pro-agility, 185 bench(16x)
Manasquan HS,NJ RB/Db Kaysonne Anderson 5-9/181 4.5(40)
185 bench(19x)

At the Penn State Nike Camp Jersey Shore kids shined again. 

JJ. Bedle (Keyport WR/DB) impressed everyone with his speed - coordination - hands and elusiveness. Besides running a 4.31 forty - he went out onto the grass in sneakers and ran precise patterns and left the defenders in his trail. Had one of the top vertical leaps at the combine - HE SPRAINED HIS ANKLE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CAMP!

Mike Bland (Long Branch DB/WR) was very impressive in the man-to-man drills after displaying his brilliant 4.39 speed. For a guy who played DE last year (and making All-Conference at it) - he showed great instincts and quick feet.

Ken Cattouse (Keyport RB/DB) showed great quickness and patience. He exhibited great feet and hands...things that you just wouldn't see on his highlight film.

Kaysonne Anderson (Manasquan RB/DB) may be the smallest of the bunch - but he was the strongest (185-19x)...a very smart player who showed superb quickness and moves going through holes. Good hands and instincts!

Greg Otey (Long Branch RB/LB) can call him "The Bus" weighing in at 250! He ran a stunning 4.4 forty - with track form. Is very quick for his size - and exhibited great footwork in the ladder drills. He wants to play LB in college -

There were other players from the shore who attended - but didn't showcase anything worth mentioning.
These camps aren't for every player - it takes special talent to be noticed among the elite. These kids did just that!


Chris Melvin

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