Rutgers Shows Early Interest in SPP's Watson

St. Peter's Prep (Jersey City, N.J.) is always filled with Division I talent, and an emerging player in the 2013 class is Marquise Watson. He is 5-foot-11, 260 pounds and plays defensive end and offensive line, but those measurables don't tell the story of why a few handfuls of schools have him on their radar. But has the goods on Watson inside, and why Rutgers is interested.

Rutgers knows the St. Peter's Prep (Jersey City, N.J.) program very well, having landed three players in the 2011 and 2012 classes and already offering class of 2013 receiver Charlie Callinan.

There is plenty of talent inside the Marauders program and class of 2013 prospect Marquise Watson is another player the Scarlet Knights are interested in.

However, there is an intriguing part of Watson's recruitment, and on college recruiters are already keen on. Watson is a 5-foot-11, 260-pound defensive end and offensive lineman, but schools are recruiting him to play either linebacker or fullback.

"The schools that are looking at me are Maryland, Rutgers, Boston College, Akron, Penn State, West Virginia and Pittsburgh," Watson said. "Those are the ones that know me, and I'm in contact with right now."

St. Peter's Prep coach Rich Hansen raves about Watson's athleticism, and it is apparent in his 4.9-second 40-yard dash time. Watson believes his stock will only be enhanced in the spring when he drops weight and make the move to linebacker for his senior season.

"A lot of schools are talking to me as a linebacker," said Watson, who has a 3.4 grade point average. "I plan on playing either fullback or linebacker. I play a hybrid spot, defensive end/outside ‘backer. I also play offensive line, but I'm going to play linebacker next year. I could drop and lose weight very easy."

The early attention serves as further motivation to Watson.

"It's exciting," he said. "It makes me feel like all the hard work I put in, in the weight room, in the classroom, in the offseason, is paying off. I feel like my hard work is paying off. I work hard and I believe hard work pays off at the end. Hopefully, it will help me get a scholarship."

As for Rutgers, Watson said the vibe he is getting from the coaching staff is positive.

"They love me," he said. "My junior year I'm going to visit. When Sept. 1 hits, I'm going to go visit them. I'm going to go to a lot of games. (Assistant) coach (Jeff) Hafley talks to coach Hansen, and they love me. We have a good relationship, but I can't talk to them much because I'm so young, but they talk to coach Hansen all the time."

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