Top 2013 DE to Visit Rutgers for Opener

SOMERVILLE, N.J. — The Rutgers football team will get many visitors to next week's season opener against North Carolina Central. Top Class of 2013 defensive end Tashawn Bower confirmed that he is on the list for next week and discussed his recruitment at a scrimmage this morning.

SOMERVILLE, N.J. — Immaculata (Somerville, N.J.) 2013 defensive end and receiver Tashawn Bower said he is already "very familiar" with Rutgers, but hopes to get a closer look at the program next week when he takes an unofficial visit.

Bower is up to nine verbal offers including Rutgers and said a return to campus in Piscataway will be nothing new because he knows a lot about the program.

"It's just close and I know and like a lot of people that go there," Bower said this morning after a scrimmage. "Former player Dallas Whitaker is there now and he likes it. I just know a lot about the program and I'm comfortable when I visit."

The North Carolina Central game, Bower said, is just an opportunity for him to have fun and that he will not be looking too seriously at the game from a recruiting aspect.

Bower named assistants Bob Fraser and Robb Smith and head coach Greg Schiano as three of the coaches he likes best among all nine of his offers.

"I just want to have fun and see everyone there," he said. "I don't think Dallas is going to play, but I'm still looking forward to a great experience and a good environment."

Syracuse was the first to come to Bower with a verbal scholarship offer, but he is now up to nine. After Syracuse and Rutgers, Connecticut, Virginia, Florida State, Ohio State, Virginia Tech, Tennessee and West Virginia are all in the picture.

"I just need to know I'm going to a place where I can live for four years," Bower said. "I need to be comfortable with the players and the coaches and the school itself."

In Immaculata's first scrimmage of the season, Bower worked as a slot receiver along with his defensive end duties. In a new spread offense, Bower is on the field for almost every snap.

"Last year was just defense for me, but we're running a new offense this year and it's a lot of work," he said. "I work in the slot and I do my D-end stuff. I just want to be on the field as much as possible.

"I like playing in the slot after today. I'm warming up to it. Fatigue became an issue playing on both sides of the ball, but it's something I have to get used to on a high-tempo team. Everything is more fun that way."

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