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 Basketball Recruiting - The Watkins Picture

Roy Williams is trying to get a big man to play beside Sean May next season, but you can forget about Darryl Watkins filling that need.The 6-foot-10 center from Paterson (N.J.) Catholic did not score high enough on his latest SAT attempt and is no longer being recruited by North Carolina.Although the word coming from Watkins and his family is that he "is no longer considering Carolina and that he wants to stay close to home," the fact is that his choices are limited.
Fayetteville Online Story - Watkins no longer on Tar Heels' wish list

Darryl Watkins, one of the highest-rated centers in the class of 2003, has renewed his interest in Syracuse University, and the feeling is apparently mutual. Watkins, a 6-foot-11, 235-pound senior at Paterson (N.J.) Catholic High School, will make an official visit to the SU campus on the weekend of May 23-25, his father said Tuesday night.
Highly rated center reconsidering SU


Big East News

It was some three years ago that Seton Hall, St. John's and the other non-major football-playing members of the Big East Conference first pondered life on their own -- minus the likes of Miami (Fla.) and Syracuse. The consensus then and now, Seton Hall athletics director Jeff Fogelson says, is they could survive. Discussions among the five schools have resumed as Miami weighs a financially driven move to the Atlantic Coast Conference, taking Syracuse and Boston College with it. An optional step is a break by all of the Big East's big-time football members from basketball-first Seton Hall, St. John's, Villanova, Georgetown and Providence, in a pared-down Big East or a new league.
IN Jersey Sports: Non-football schools in Big East strategize



From the first brochure in the mail to the final pitch in the living room and with every phone call in between, college basketball coaches bombard recruits with information. Playing time (plenty). Facilities (deluxe). Style of play (up-tempo!). Academic support (extensive). Exposure (tons). Preparation for the pros (lottery's calling). Scheduled visits by Dick Vitale (weekly). Where the chicks hang out on campus (wherever you are, Stud). But there's one piece of vital recruiting information most prospects never hear from the coaches who vow to treat them like family while developing their jumper: You don't have to sign a national letter of intent. (OK, actually there's a second piece of vital information left out by coaches. You never hear one say, "I'd love to coach you, Johnny, but if we have a good year and a big-time school comes calling after this season, I'm outta here on the first thing smokin'. I'll forget your name in the time it takes to pack up my office.") It's true about letters of intent, kids. They're not mandatory. No NCAA rule says you have to sign one. You CAN receive a scholarship without an NLI. NCB - Why sign NLI early ... if at all?

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