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Netwhispers On Hoops


Jamie Dixon, the University of Pittsburgh new head basketball coach, may be staying up and walking the floors at night these days.  The guy that hired him a month ago, acting AD Marc Boehm, has left and the school is interviewing for a new AD. This will be the third AD in about one year in Panther country.


Dixon and his staff are looking to restore the perimeter offense at Pitt. There is only one point guard on the team for next year and no scholarships available. Wonder why this staff is looking all over to bring in a backup point? If the right guy shows up, they may just move fourth year rising junior Mark McCarroll to free up that coveted ride.


Pitt is also active on the rising senior circuit in pursuit of guards.  The Panthers are involved with guards up and down Big East Country.


Jim Calhoun continues to pursue insiders for next year. As predicted, Hakeem Rollins stayed out West and is playing in the Pac 10 next year. Charlie V looks like he may just toss his name into the draft and if not, will kiss and makeup will Bill Self at Kansas. The Huskys continue looking at other avenues for inside help. The aid may just come from the first transfer in the Calhoun regime. I am not sure what the logic is because Uconn is loaded for bear at all positions.


Early last week Ed Nelson the Brockton, Massachusetts native who ventured down to Georgia Tech was on campus.  This 6'8" 250 pound former ACC Rookie of the Year lost his position to Chris Bosh, this years ACC Rookie. Bosh, however, is also testing the NBA waters. This kid is a leaning Husky.


Down in Georgetown, the Hoya faithful are hoping that Mike Sweetney opts out of the draft. The 6'8" bull masquerading as a forward scored almost 23 points a game. He is allegedly still exploring his options.


The loss of Sweetney coupled with the news that Tony Bethel is leaving may keep the Hoyas from climbing the Big East ladder.  Bethel who averaged almost 30 minutes a game and 11 points played the point last year with Drew Hall as his relief guard.  Hall, Bethel's backcourt running mate at Montrose Christian, may also transfer out of Georgetown.


In other Hoya news there are rumors surfacing that star inside recruit, Darius Townes, may not be fully qualified academically. This means that if Hall also leaves there will be only two scholarship guards on the team and seven frontcourt athletes.


Up at the Cuse, Todd Forcier, the strength and conditioning coach has two years to get Hakeem Warrick ready for the NBA.  The wiry power forward who is a 35- minute a game guy, has to get stronger and weight up.  He allegedly has been told that he has to gain twenty pound of muscle prior to the start of the next hoop season.


The Cuse is loaded at every position on the inside but is down to three scholarship guards.  Gerry McNamara, Billy Edelin and Lou McCroskey will man the guard positions for the Cuse with Billy and Gerry flip flopping at the point.  All American Demetri Nichols and junior, Josh Pace, will man the three.


Expect Hakeem to get his 35 per game and the rest of the minutes will go to St. Anthony's, Terrance Roberts, and Matt Gorman. Gorman and Roberts can also slip into the game at the five if need be and Roberts can also move down to the three. Returning seven-footer Craig Forth and his backup, senior, Jeremy McNeil will once again do a good job in the offense at the five. Syracuse fives have traditionally been used as screeners and cleanup men on the inside.


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