Schiano Notebook: Post-Game Teleconference

The morning after a disappointing 24-22 loss to North Carolina in Chapel Hill,. N.C., Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano spoke with the media in his morning-after teleconference. Schiano went in-depth on the UNC goal-line stand, some technical difficulties and hinted at personal changes in certain areas.

The Goal-Line Stand

Failing to score after Duron Harmon's interception, De'Antwan Williams got stuffed twice and Chas Dodd failed to bootleg.

Coach Greg Schiano did not speculate about if he thought Williams or Dodd may have scored, but went in detail on the instant replay aspect of the series.

"The one unfortunate thing, this year the NCAA, there's supposed to be TV monitors in the coaching booth, but yesterday the TV monitors were out of commission," Schiano said. "Unfortunately, we couldn't get a look at that. Maybe I should have challenged it. I don't know. They're supposed to be looking at every play, especially down around the goal line. I guess because they were called non-touchdowns on the field, that would be inconclusive video evidence."

In retrospect, Schiano said, maybe he should have demanded a review on either Williams' first run or Dodd's scramble.

"College football brags about our system because every play is supposed to be reviewed and certainly any play around the goal line," Schiano said. "You have to believe that it was reviewed, just they didn't think it was conclusive enough."

Running Game Struggles

For the second straight week, the Scarlet Knights struggled mightily in establishing the running game. After going for 3.2 yards per carry against a 1-AA opponent, it got even uglier against UNC when the Knights totaled one rushing yard on 25 attempts.

Schiano said things went wrong in all aspects of the running game, but hinted for the second straight week that changes might be coming on the line.

"We'll have some great work this week and some competition to figure out who the five are that need to be in there," Schiano said. "... We didn't get into this position with the offensive line overnight and we're not going to get out of it overnight, but we're going in the right direction."

In yesterday's game, Caleb Ruch came in off the bench after Andre Civil's injury to play center, which moved David Osei to right tackle. Betim Bujari saw playing time last week when Desmond Wynn went down. The other name to look out for is true freshman Kaleb Johnson, who did not see the field yesterday, but should get involved at some point.

Huggins update

Schiano said that Huggins' limit to seven carries was no because of any injury.

"He didn't get hurt," Schiano said.

Huggins, who netted zero yards rushing, will have to continue to work hard to earn his touches over the more experienced Williams and Jeremy Deering.

"When you earn the right to get the touches, you get them," Schiano said. "Mohamed Sanu gets a lot of touches [in our offense]. He's learned the right to get those touches."

Dropped touchdowns

Schiano said two more dropped touchdowns this week was "alarming."

"We need to catch the football better," Schiano said. "We will."

Mistake Before Halftime

The long UNC return that led to a halftime field goal should never have happened, Schiano said. The play-call was designed to be a squib kick by Justin Doerner, but the execution was off.

"It floated," Schiano said. "That was a little bit of a miss all around."

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