Three Scenarios For Rutgers

With Syracuse and Pittsburgh looking to join the ACC, the Big East could be in serious trouble. What does it mean for Rutgers? has the answers, and while there are three scenarios in front of Rutgers, the Scarlet Knights are only in control of one of them.

As the Big East is on the precipice of being raided for the second time in less than a decade, it leaves Rutgers in a wait-and-see mode when it comes to future conference alignment, according to sources.

Pittsburgh and Syracuse are poised to join the Atlantic Coast Conference, and sources said it should happen in the next few days.

The scenarios are Rutgers remaining in a much different looking Big East, waiting for an offer and then following Syracuse and Pittsburgh to the ACC, or waiting for an offer and moving to the Big Ten.

The only available option, at this time, is Rutgers remaining the Big East, according to sources.

However, that can change quickly, as the Big East learned with the news Syracuse and Pittsburgh were ready to abandon ship, especially since the ACC would be blamed with breaking up the Big East, opening the way for the SEC and Pac-12 to add teams, and force the Big Ten to expand again.

Whatever the case, though, the current lot of Big East teams are in a precarious spot, and Rutgers' future is uncertain.

Scarlet Knights athletic director Tim Pernetti sent out a generic statement via twitter, saying "We are a committed member of the BIG EAST and will continue to explore all of our options and do what's best for Rutgers."

So, like every other school, Rutgers is prepared to look out for itself.

But since Pernett is not in position to force the issue with any conference, Rutgers has to wait while other conferences and programs sort out big issues.

  • The SEC must decide whether or not to take Texas A&M, which could trigger the breakup at the Big 12. Oklahoma and Oklahoma State could move to the Pac-12, which would be the final straw for the Big 12.

    The Big East could then draw in Baylor, Kansas, Kansas State and possibly Iowa State and Missouri and break its football membership into a pair of divisions.

  • The ACC would be at 14 teams with Pittsburgh and Syracuse joining, and if it looked to move to a 16-team super conference, Rutgers makes sense because of its proximity to the New York media market.

    But the ACC is not immune from the SEC grabbing a few of its schools, and knocking the conference back to 12 teams. If the ACC would want to remain at 14 schools, it could add Rutgers and another school.

  • The Big Ten could move from 12 to either 14 or 16 schools. Getting Rutgers, which is an academic match, into the league would provide the league an avenue into the New York market, but not compromise the academic integrity of the conference.

In reality, the end of the Saturday capped a tumultuous 24 hours, and has Rutgers taking a wait-and-see approach.

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