Fan Feedback on "Oh, Domino!"

 Fan Feedback on the "Domino" series:

A Midwestern insider wrote:

"By the way, lets not assume a reconstituted BE (keeping SU and BC) will lose its BCS bid. Any attempt to cut the BE out will certainly wind-up in the courts, just the way the original suit against the NCAA led to the BCS. It will take years to resolve, by which time an 8 to 12 team playoff will be in place. Its actually ND who may be at the greatest risk of losing their free pass in the future. The PAC 10, SEC, and Big 12 would love to make ND lose its playoff exemption status and disproportionate TV $$$.

Speaking of ND--expect to see an 'attitude adjustment' among the evolving/new generation of Trustees. This latest group does not wear raccoon coats to games and worship at Knute's alter. I've come to understand that they realize that they cannot perpetuate independence infinitely. What they are trying to do is position themselves for the best of both worlds...affiliate w/the Big Ten and also keep the $$$ stream they have as long as possible. To this end, they'll try to cut a new TV deal as soon as possible, than use that money as a basis for negotiating w/the Big Ten for a disproportionate cut of fb TV $$$. They also want to keep their BB team and "Irish name" in the limelight through April, therefore they want to be part of Big Ten national picture. "


From a Midwestern observer of the Scarlet Knights:

As just a neutral observer of Rutgers, I must say that your site is in the top 5 of all the insider sites. keep up the good work.

This expansion thing is too weird to fathom as to what will happen to College sports in the east.

The ACC wants to do this all because of One event that will supposedly produce millions. Knowing the Miami chancellor (ex UW prez) I know she is going to weigh all factors in determining this move.

Did you notice how concerned she was about the academic and student side of this equation? She does not want to lose that. That is also a money producer as well.

I'd like to know what the Big East's counter-offer will be next Monday, if in fact it really matters now.

Seems the only thing that will stop this move is the vote on whether it should be BC or Vatech.

I'm not sure what this will mean for Rutgers, but it's obvious that the direction of the athletic landscape will change if this proposal goes through. You make very valid points.


From a Rutgers fan:

Great job with OD #2! Was awesome. Looking forward to the next few weeks.
Maybe the good old BE can be saved!

What worries me is that is seems the ACC people are more savvy than the BE
folks. Makes me nervous. I really hope that BM is working his mojo!!!!


Coming from another writer this is always high praise:


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