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There is more going on in the world of hoops than the Big East meetings in Florida. Though the outcome of these meetings will reshape the conference as we know it, life seems to go on as normal in the world of basketball recruiting.


Several big name players are lining up for life on the Junior College stage. Former High School All American center, Mark Konecny, found that time was of the essence in his career and that playing time was minimal at the Cuse due to the inside log jam.  He opted out of the Syracuse a year and a half ago and will resurface at Southern Idaho Junior College. Konecny wanted to transfer into Connecticut but stayed away due to a Big East rule making an in conference transfer sit for two years. Syracuse originally won the battle with the Huskies for this 6'10" center but they eventually lost the war.


Closer to home Willie Irick, a 6'7" combo forward from Teaneck, will resurface next year at Vincennes, Indiana.  Irick who was followed by Rutgers, as well as, several other local Big East schools will be playing for a perennial Junior College powerhouse. Meanwhile, St. Patricks 6'5" Assad Shakir decided to head down to play for Trinity Valley, Texas.


In other news it seems possible that Dontay Tabbs, a 6'9" center, out of George Washington High School, Philadelphia, will reclassify and repeat his senior year if he does not obtain the necessary grades to be eligible for this September. Tabbs is a rebound machine, he is extremely ferocious and single minded. He is strong and if the ball is on the boards he believes it's his. He has also developed a nice inside game and can now face up and consistently pop from 15 feet in. Rutgers, St. Joes and St. Johns are the alleged leaders.


Up in Storrs Jim Calhoun picked up another insider in transfer Ed Nelson. Nelson is the first college transfer student in all the years that Calhoun has been the Husky coach. This Massachusetts strongman is the third insider that has signed on with the boys from Storrs this year. Nelson will have to sit out this year but can practice with the team.  Word has it that Calhoun is still looking for another insider for next year. Where are the minutes for these guys? Does this somehow remind you of the Jim Boeheim inside philosophy commonly known as The Survivor Game?


Down in Georgetown Tony Bethel has declared that he will transfer to North Carolina State. As of now his running mate Drew Hall has not announced his destination. The Hoyas quickly filled one of the guard spots with Rayshaun Reed, a 5'10" point out of Inglewood, California.  Fresno State, Long Beach, UNLV, George Washington and Colorado monitored Reed's progress during the past year.


Finally, to date seven high school seniors have declared for the NBA draft. The number one guy is the King, Lebron James out of St. Vincents St Marys High School, Ohio. The rest in no particular order include James Lang, a 6'10" 300 immovable object who had signed early with Louisville.  Kendrick Perkins, a 6'11" 300 pound center out of Texas who had signed on with Memphis.  Travis Outlaw a 6'9" forward out of Mississippi who opted for Mississippi State and Ndubi Ebi, a 6'8" Texan who signed on with Lute Olson and Arizona.



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