Rutgers Commit Muller Recaps Latest Visit

Saturday was a big recruiting day at Rutgers beat Pittsburgh 34-10 with a host of recruits in attendance. One of those was Rutgers commit and Boyertown (Pa.) High offensive lineman Chris Muller, and he spoke to about his trip, watching offensive line coach Kyle Flood and trying to invent the 'Fat Man.'

Boyertown (Pa.) High offensive lineman and Rutgers commit Chris Muller left Piscataway (N.J.) fulfilled, in his belly and his mind.

One of the cornerstones of the 2012 class, the 6-foot-6, 302-pound Muller was in attendance for Saturday's 34-10 win against Pittsburgh.

"It was a great display of what I want Rutgers to be, and how they're coming up," he said. "It was great to see the guys have fun while they're doing that. It was great to see (while) going through my season, (and) that it will be like that next season."

It was Muller's first trip to campus since his June commitment, and he paid close attention to the offensive line.

"I hope I can fit into the offensive line," he said. "Just seeing how coach (Kyle) Flood coaches the offensive line is more than enough because half the players didn't start on the offensive line. My buddy, Desmond Wynn, came there as a defensive end and now he's the starting left guard and blocking people 30 yards down field."

The Scarlet Knights recruited Muller to play left tackle, which he is looking forward to after playing right guard as a senior at Boyertown.

"I can't wait to get to their and be a left tackle," he said. "In high school, you don't see many 6-6, 300-pound guards."

Muller was one of the top names on Rutgers' board, and for good reason. He is strong, agile and athletic, and despite his size runs very well. He recently was clocked at 4.84 seconds in the 40-yard dash.

"I think the only times I ran was in warm-ups in football, and the beginning of February I ran a 5.0 40 and scored the highest at the Nike combine," Mulelr said. "I said, ‘Hey, I'll give running a try,' and the whole summer I did speed training and agility work and sprints and weight jackets up stairs."

Muller is noticing a difference.

"I know I catch up to people a lot faster," he said. "If I'm on defense, I can run halfway across the field and catch up to the running back. I catch up to my other guard when I'm pulling backside."

Muller's enjoyment wasn't isolated to the game.

Throughout his recruitment he talked about visits to the College Avenue Grease Trucks, and taking the five "Fat" Sandwich challenge. If a person finishes five of the hefty, starch-filled sandwiches in an allotted time amount, he gets to create his own "Fat" sandwich.

"I didn't get five. I only got three," he said. "Wait until offseason when I start lifting and I'll be putting down around 8,000 calories a day. One day I won't eat and I'll be starving and I'll just pound out five."

So, does he have a thought on the name of his sandwich?

"I don't know, but probably ‘The Fat Man,' and I'll just demand everything on it," he said. "I'll just throw everything on it."

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