Schiano Notebook: Post-Game Teleconference

Rutgers has one fewer day to prepare for its next opponent. Preparing to play Louisville under the Friday Night Lights in Kentucky, head coach Greg Schiano spoke with the media today in his day-after-game teleconference to review the 21-20 win over Navy. Schiano discussed Gary Nova's performance and the details of the victory.

Gary Nova made his fair share of mistakes, but head coach Greg Schiano saw enough positive plays to say on his day-after conference call that he expects Nova to start again against Louisville.

"I thought Gary performed well," Schiano said. "He made some mistakes that were costly, but he also made some plays that were incredible. We have to eliminate the mistakes and keep making those great plays. We'll evaluate, but I would anticipate that Gary would go again."

Nova threw for a career best 271 yards, completing 23 of 32 passes. He threw two touchdowns, but also the first two picks of his career.

For the second straight game, former starter Chas Dodd did not play a snap.

"I really do think we have to make sure we give Chas some time because he needs to stay sharp," Schiano said. "We'll talk through that. I think Chas is a really good quarterback, so we have to keep him sharp."

The Running Game

Rutgers saw improvement statistically in the running game, going for 4.2 yards per carry against Navy. But Schiano thinks the team left too much on the table against a team that gives up five yards per carry statistically.

"[Jawan Jamison] really saw things very well," Schiano said. "We had some big plays that we left on the field. I'll tell you, there were some runs that could have been big runs. But we're getting better, so we just have to keep after it. Eventually we're going to pop those big runs."

The Missed Field Goal

Schiano said multiple things went wrong on the low kick by San San Te at the end of the game, but that he does not regret calling the play.

"You needed to go for it or kick the field goal, you don't punt the ball," Schiano said. "I'm comfortable with the decision. I'm glad we were able to play good defense afterwards and get off the field and win it. I believe in our guys. We didn't do well. We didn't execute on that play."

Forst Starts at Right Guard

Continuing to search for the best five, Schiano started senior Art Forst at right guard against Navy and his initial impressions were positive.

"Art played pretty well," Schiano said. "He played physical. There are certain things he struggled with, but who doesn't ... I thought he did pretty well."

Schiano and offensive line coach Kyle Flood will continue to evaluate the line, with three different people starting at right guard through the first six games of the season.

Schedule Change

Rutgers plays Friday instead of Saturday this week, meaning everything moves up a day on the team's schedule.

"It's definitely different," Schiano said. "As I told the squad in the locker room, it was 5:10 Sunday night, not Saturday night. We're in full game plan mode right now. Today's a Monday to us. Players have off today and will just come in for treatment and then 7:30 we'll start tomorrow morning with the players on Louisville."

When asked about potential trap games, Schiano said Louisville is not one.

"I don't think at all," Schiano said. "I think every game in the Big East conference is a Big East championship game. ... I don't know how many [wins] it's going to take, but this counts for one-seventh of [the championship]. We will, emotionally, be ready to play and so will Louisville."

The One-Year Anniversary

Eric LeGrand's tragic injury came one year ago today. Here is what Schiano had to say about the injury on the conference call:

"I think you definitely would say it did [change me]," Schiano said. "I don't know how it can't. It changed me as a person. It continues to. ... Sometimes you get caught up in things, at the end of the day, aren't as important as you think they are. It gives you perspective. To see the courage Eric exemplifies every day, it is a great ."

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