Nova, Jamison Discuss Improving Offense

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- Freshmen Gary Nova and Jawan Jamison were responsible for all three touchdowns yesterday in the 21-20 win over Navy. The pair discussed the offense's improvements during the team's four-game winning streak with Louisville's Friday night matchup looming.

PISCATAWAY, N.J. — The mistakes are still there for true freshman quarterback Gary Nova, but the rewards continue outweighing the risks.

Yes, both of Nova's interceptions were potential deathblows against Navy. It was the same story two weeks ago with his fumbles and poor game management against Syracuse.

But Nova became the first-team quarterback against the Orange, Rutgers is 3-0 and on the longest winning streak since Tom Savage's freshman season.

"The win is all that matters in the end," Nova said yesterday after the 21-20 win over Navy. "We did it for each other, we played hard and got the win."

Against the Midshipmen, Nova went 23-for-32 for 271 yards and two touchdowns to go along with his two picks. He improved his season totals to 683 passing yards, six touchdowns and two interceptions, completing 55 percent of his throws.

"I just have to learn from this experience," Nova said. "I played alright. I just have to go on this tape and get ready for Louisville."

Nova's second interception nearly cost Rutgers the game, but Brandon Jones' late-game heroics on a blocked field goal kept the Scarlet Knights on top.

"I had all the confidence. Even if Juice (Brandon Jones) didn't block that, that we would have went down there and scored, but defense made a great play like they always do," Nova said.

Nova received plenty of help from Jawan Jamison and the running game this week.

Though Navy for its poor rush defense this year, the 4.2 yards per carry mark remains a positive sign for the Rutgers running game, which has yet to truly break out this season.

Jamison, who started his third game of the season, exceeded 100 yards for the first time in his career.

"It felt really good finally getting [101 yards] and my first rushing touchdown," Jamison said. "It felt really, really good."

By putting senior Art Forst in the lineup at right guard, Jamison said he thought the offensive line had its best run-blocking performance of the year.

"They've always been strong; it's just that it happened today," Jamison said. "Today was the day our runs came spitting out. It felt really good.

"The mentality going into the game was that we were going to punish them upfront and break them down. They were fighting, but we kept it going and kept it going and kept pounding them and it came spitting out."

Jamison said the 21-20 win over Navy was a "make us or break us win" and that he sees the running game as crucial to winning down the stretch with Louisville up next on Friday night.

"It takes the pressure off our quarterback and our receivers and our line from having to pass block," Jamison said. "Our running game is getting going."

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