Crouthamel talks about the offer to join the ACC

If you have a choice, in light of what Miami is doing, what would you do? Would you opt to leave or would you stay?
"We don't find ourselves in the position of being able to dictate. As Miami, Boston College and Syracuse go through this process, as well as the other five (Division) I-A schools in The BIG EAST Conference, we are all considering the what-ifs and the stability of the future, particularly for I-A football playing schools in the Northeast and trying to get a handle on what all of this means. We have every reason to believe that at the expiration of the current BCS(Bowl Championship Series) contract, with a new contract then that would begin with the 2006 football season, that there may be a restructuring of who qualifies, what conferences qualify, what groups qualify, who gets automatic entry into the BCS. It's these kinds of things that we have to analyze. With Miami, can the BIG EAST prosper as a BCS conference? We believe the answer to that is yes. Without Miami, will the BIG EAST prosper as a BCS conference? That's problematic to the point where it is questionable. On the basis of our future as an institution, as an athletic program and looking forward to stability, Miami's decision will strongly influence our decision.

"If you look at where I-A football seems to be headed in the last several years, it seems to be headed to the super conferences, with the establishment first of the SEC and then the Big XII following it. The Big 10 and the Pac-10 don't seem to find it necessary, and I can understand their rationale, for going to super conference status because they really have super conference status in that they have their own bowl game, which is a very financially successful bowl game in the Rose Bowl. But if one accepts the notion that the direction seems to be in the super conference direction, then we would be remiss if we didn't try to position ourselves, as an institution, in that mix. If we're not in that mix, we believe we run some serious risks for the future stability of our program."

Syracuse talks about the ACC offer

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