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It appears there might be a window of opportunity for the survival of the Temple football program, after all, thanks to the possible expansion of the Atlantic Coast Conference.
The Owls have been voted out of the Big East, effective at the end of the 2004 season. But if Miami, Syracuse and Boston College leave the Big East, as anticipated, things obviously can change.
Philadelphia Daily News | 05/23/2003 | Could Owls remain in Big East?

The only conference commissioner in America who should be more nervous than Mike Tranghese is Britton Banowsky.
Should the ACC successfully raid the Big East of Miami, Syracuse and Boston College, Tranghese will likely set his sights on Banowsky's 15-team Conference-USA.
The pool of candidates to replace the Big East's three powers includes Cincinnati, Louisville, Memphis, East Carolina and South Florida.
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INDIANAPOLIS -- The NCAA is staying out of the fight as the Atlantic Coast Conference tries to lure Miami, Syracuse and Boston College from the Big East. NCAA President Myles Brand said yesterday he has not talked with Big East Commissioner Mike Tranghese or ACC Commissioner John Swofford and intends to let the schools and the conferences make their own decisions.
NCAA staying neutral in Big East/ACC fight

As Pitt's interim athletics director, Marc Boehm left his fingerprints on the program by hiring three new head coaches and creating a new football seasonticket package. But none of that compares to what Jeff Long will have to face in the early part of his tenure as the athletics director at Pitt .While Boehm moves on to Nebraska to join Steve Pederson's staff, Long arrives at Pitt to face the possibility that the Big East could be on the verge of folding.
The Pitt News - Long's first task: find a conference

There's no decision, no appointment to host the ACC delegation and a few more weeks of discussions and fact-finding before Syracuse University expects a verdict.
On the other hand, athletic director Jake Crouthamel thinks Penn State belongs in the Big Ten Conference and would never think of returning to its Eastern roots.
Those were pretty much the highlights of a Thursday afternoon news conference called by the university to provide an update on the battle of the Big East and ACC.
How jittery have the masses become on what has become the biggest story in college sports? Two Syracuse television stations (WSTM-3 and WTVH 5) carried the start of the news conference live starting at 4 p.m. One local radio station (WNSS 1260-AM) carried the news conference. Several SU coaches, administrators and staff filled in behind the media.
SU continues to talk it over

May 18 — Virginia stood up for rival Virginia Tech in ACC expansion talks, supporting a 12-team league only if Tech is added. But that public stance was made mainly because Tech lobbied the state legislature to pressure Virginia into voting against expansion without the Hokies.
Virginia didn't really want Hokies in ACC

The Big East Conference has told Miami that increased revenue projections provided by the Atlantic Coast Conference may have been exaggerated by as much as $30 million, UConn athletic director Lew Perkins said Friday.
ACC commissioner John Swofford told conference members that adding Miami, Syracuse and Boston College could bring $40 million to $50 million in increased football revenue from additional regular season games and a conference championship game, the Orlando Sentinel reported. Big East commissioner Mike Tranghese told Miami that figure is more likely $15 million.
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BRIDGEWATER - The Weather Channel kept calling for a "few showers." Did all of them have to keep descending here yesterday, making it a miserable start to the Memorial Day weekend?
Shaun Parker was determined to shut the weather out of his mind, to make it a glorious day for Rutgers' baseball team, to make it a breakthrough day in his pitching career. All his life he's been waiting for that day, for that memorable nine innings when he could accomplish something really big on a big stage.
Rain falls on Rutgers' Parker


Football - Offensive Preview

Basically ... New offensive coordinator Craig Ver Steeg is attempting to put in a new Pro-Style offense, but it's all about the offensive line. There are several running back options, some speedy receivers, and decent quarterback prospects, but none of that matters if the line isn't much, much better than it was last year. Rutgers averaged 1.5 yards per carry and allowed 51 sacks. With an inexperienced and injured line, the production might not improve. 
2003 Rutgers Scarlet Knights Offense Preview

Defensive Preview

Basically ... The numbers weren't great, but it's unfair to pin all of the problems last year on the defense. The offense rarely kept drives going and never helped give the D any support. Even so, the defense has to be stronger in all areas after giving up 33 points and 405 yards per game. There are a couple of great playmakers, but little overall talent.
2003 Rutgers Scarlet Knights Defense Preview

 A note from a good source

"Mike, I have some very good news for you. I got a call tonight from my friend and he told me that Berkley Hutchinson has made the grade and his can play this up and coming football season. And I also got a chance to talk to him my self. "


Big East Reshuffling - From a good source in South Florida

Tranghese, as you know, is keeping his cards very close to the vest, which is very smart. All I've heard is that Miami expects to hear something like the revenue sharing should favor the Hurricanes, with the rest split between the other schools. I don't know whether that will do it or not. Everybody down here wants UM to go to the ACC. Then again, who knows what Shalala will decide.

All I know is I'm very nervous for this weekend. This could be RU's death march.


Where are they now? Fred Robinson

From the Palm Beach Post

Robinson signs with FAMU: Fred Robinson, a 2002 graduate of Glades
Central and a two-time Class 3A state champion in the 100-meter sprint,
has signed a track scholarship with Florida A&M.
Robinson signed a football and track scholarship with Rutgers last
year, but left the school and returned home after two months.
"I really wasn't prepared. It was a lot tougher than I anticipated,"
Robinson said of his stay at Rutgers. "Rutgers was a mistake I made in
my life. Academically, I was successful. I was a little homesick. I
think I'll be way more comfortable at FAMU."
Robinson recently clocked 10.47 seconds in the 100 meters and 20.99
seconds in the 200 meters at an unattached college track meet in

Where are they now? Kevin Bannon

From the Star Ledger

A former Rutgers University men's basketball coach who drew notoriety over a strip foul-shooting contest conducted during a 1997 practice has been hired by the Hillsborough school board as assistant school business administrator.

Kevin Bannon, who was fired by the university in 2001 after posting an overall losing record as head coach, was hired on Monday in a unanimous vote by the Hillsborough school board.

Ex-Rutgers basketball coach gets school job

Fan Feedback

On the proposed moves to the ACC:

With all the articles I've read about how excited the ACC is to get the
conference championship game to increase revenues, the one thing I haven't
read is the negative impact on the 2 teams involved in the championship
game.  I can recall reading, almost every year, that one of the teams
involved in the championship game is not happy about playing in it because
it could HURT their chances for winning the National Championship.  Didn't
Oklahoma lose in its championship game and lose all chances at a NC?  How
does Miami perceive this as a positive when they have competed every year in
the last 3 for the NC?  Would they want to play a 12th game against a
conference opponent it already played?  They are saying the championship
game can bring between 7-9 million dollars which has to be split between the
conference teams(12) instead of (8) and then between the two teams involved.
Is this really worth jumping ship?  Miami certainly has not been hindered
from winning NC's playing in the big east.  Plus they get to keep a bigger
piece of the pie and the last few years the BE has sent 5 teams to bowls.

I just don't get it.


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