Anthony Orio

Anthony Orio

Anthony Orio (QB/Ath, 6'3"-208lbs) from Eastern High School (Voorhees, NJ) is better known for his abilities as an option quarterback. However, he will be proving his abilities as a pro-style pocket passer this summer as he will be attending numerous camps.

Who is interested in his services?

Orio has drawn the attention of Rutgers, Northwestern, Georgia Tech, Clemson, Iowa, Boston College, and the Naval Academy.

Who are his favorites?

"My top 5 choices are Northwestern, Georgia Tech, Clemson, Iowa, and I am considering the Naval Academy."

How does he feel about Rutgers?

"As far as Rutgers, they have a great facility and a great coaching staff. I think their program is moving into the right direction.They have called and I like what they have to say".

What are the biggest factors in your decision?

"Academics will be the biggest factor in deciding where I will go to school. My intended major is pre-med. Another factor will be where I fit in as a quarterback."

Where will he attend camp?

"As far as camps go I am finalizing all of that now. I am definitely going to Northwestern, Georgia Tech, Clemson and Boston College. I will also be attending one of the Elite 11 Quarterback workouts. Most likely I will be going to two other camps. The hardest thing has been trying to fit all of them in."

Will you make an early decision?

"If the opportunity is right, I will definitely make an early decision."

Item of note:

He stated:

This past month has been very busy. Alot of schools have come into Eastern. Because I am an option quarterback, most schools want me at their camps this summer to see my ability to throw to fit into their pro style offense. Most are surprised at my size.I've grown an inch and I've put on 12 pounds since the end of the season.

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