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Good Bye Mookie




Paterson Catholic Head Basketball Coach, Tommy Patterson, said it best when he stated, " Rutgers couldn't afford to let Mookie Watkins fail. If he failed at Syracuse, they'd just bring in another top kid to replace him." It didn't happen and Mook selected the Cuse and he and his mother will have to live with the choice.


There were several reasons for Patterson to come out as strongly as he did and he wasn't alone. A lot of others in the know gave the family the same advice but it fell on deaf ears. Sometimes people just out smart themselves.


 Just think about former Paterson star DeShaun Williams. Where is he now?


 He is at Iona waiting to play out his senior year.


De Shaun is just another kid that got lost in the Syracuse shuffle. It's similar to the Potomac two-step but in Syracuse it means that you bring in two All American types for every position and let the better survive. To heck with playing time and development on the court, you practice and if you stay and are good enough, maybe you play.


Williams lost focus and had some off the court problems allegedly of academic and non-academic nature. He departed and the Cuse didn't miss a beat. He was half of the Williams versus Shumpert saga that totally ruined the 2001-2002 team chemistry.


I for one am sorry to see him at the Cuse because if it wasn't going to be his state university-team, Rutgers, there had to be better choices where he would get the attention I believe he needs both on and off the court. I have always liked Jim Boeheim the person but he was never a great off the court teacher or a great on the court coach.  He doesn't ride herd over his players or get involved enough with their lives for my personal taste. He just wins because usually he has the more talented team and he is one of the all time great recruiters in the game.


So good luck Mook, I hope that your trip up to the snowy North Country, it is cold as the dickens in the winter, is a lot better than the trip that the last guy from Paterson had. By the way, when shopping for shoes this summer, make sure the boots go half way up your leg.


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