Touchdown Club Report

Hey Mike – just got back from the TD club meeting. All in all it was a good time although no earth-shattering news. Nice turnout for a June Meeting. Coach was the featured speaker with a passionate talk from Keith Norton (Scarlet R) about the budget cuts that will affect RU. Was a good meeting. Let me brain dump the highlights (in no specific order):


  • On the topic of the BE/ACC he said he simply didn't have any answers. He said that while he thinks the BE is a great conference he believes that when we win on the field, we will be able to write our ticket to any conference we want. He does not know the impact it would have on recruiting. He said he was at peace with the whole process and seemed very confident.
  • The stadium will be natural grass next year (no more specifics were given)
  • Ron Green, Berk and Beck are all academically eligible
  • He alluded to several additions that should bolster the O line next year (not sure if he was referring to BRG or more)
  • Davon Clark is still on indefinite suspension – he said that he will probably decide over the next few weeks but that it may not get decided until August
  • When asked a question about why Nugent isn't getting a look at FS, he kind of grinned and said "I think it's a great idea." After much laughter from the crowd, he said something like "hey, I'm a defensive coach, I love that idea"
  • J'Vonne Parker is also up in the air. He thinks he can contribute but said something like all players must follow the rules - no matter how talented they are. This team will learn to follow the rules
  • Indicated that he is very excited about the upcoming season – the coaches can't wait for the season to start. He just came from a team meeting and the players have a certain look in their eyes that he hasn't seen before. He is very excited and expects good things.
  • Next year will not be a large class – due to the large number of players kept in the program, we wont need to recruit 24-25 kids. He said this is a sign of a maturing program
  • Very excited about Leonard – he felt that he is a player who will make plays
  • Thinks the LB corps is a great blend of youth and experience. Very excited about the prospect of this unit.
  • Same with Dline – hoped that Jenerrete would have a quick recovery but overall he was extremely encourage by how well Orr, Gibson, Peterson, Barnaby, Lukabu, etc are coming along.
  • DBs are in pretty good shape with the exception of Seabrooks' spot. He thinks that there will be fierce competition.
  • QB – he is so impressed with Hart, He is thrilled he has 3 years left.
  • RBs – he thinks that they are finally learning how to run North-South. With JH and JB, he believes this unit can be real good.
  • Oline – He doesn't think they are "worldbeaters" yet but they are really coming along. Said that they have been experimenting with different units but by the middle of camp he wants to have the line set.
  • TE's – While we don't have the All-Star ala LJ on the roster, it's a very deep and talented unit
  • FBs – raved about Leonard and mentioned Cedric Brown. No mention of Cunningham
  • PKs – will be a fierce competition with Cortese probably winning kick-off duties. He said he has learned from past experiences and will have a fierce comp in camp, pick a kicker, then go with them. He alluded to no more shuffling
  • Punter – he thinks Radigan is extremely talented but very raw. He said he will be very nervous the first time he has to punt. Also mentioned long snapping – while they have several guys practicing this, he will feel much better if Neill comes back in time to snap. He did not mention anything about Neills recovery time.
  • Mentioned that we are in extremely good shape with this years recruiting class – obviously he didn't get into specifics but they feel really good about where they are
  • Very excited about the Hale Center expansion – while he believes that our facilities were world class before, he thinks they are really going to put us on par with the best out there. He said that if RU can match other schools to the point where the recruit is basing their decision on the people (i.e. coaches, players, etc), he feels really good about our chances. This project helps us in that area – big time

That's about all I can remember – I think I hit all the major items. Again, great job by the TD club staff. Nice work.

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