Dill Excited to Join Rutgers

Maryland transfer R.J. Dill decided upon Rutgers as his home nearly a month ago after graduating early. Preparing to enroll on the Banks in 10 days, the offensive tackle spoke with ScarletReport.com about his excitement for the next step in his life and his desire to compete for playing time.

With two years of BCS starting experience, many expect rising fifth-year senior R.J. Dill to show up at Rutgers this spring as an immediate first-team player and contributor.

Dill does not see it that way, whatsoever.

"I think spring practice is two-fold for me," Dill said. "One, I have to earn a spot. I'm not walking into a situation where it's just handed to me. It's not a situation that Rutgers is about. It's not a situation that R.J. Dill is about. I'm going to go in there ready to learn the terminology and the offense, not only that, but the chance to compete and earn a spot."

Dill, currently home in Mechanicsburg, Pa., said he will move to Rutgers next weekend and be in classes when the spring semester begins Jan. 17. Dill plans to study labor and employee relations in a graduate school program and will have two months to familiarize himself with Rutgers before competing for a starting job in spring practice.

"That's what it's about," Dill said. "I'm not going to walk in there, I don't expect to be given a spot. That's not who I am. I think that's why I was so excited for Rutgers, because they wanted me to earn stuff. I'm ready and willing and able to do that. That's what spring is really about, earning a spot."

Dill has four years of experience in a college offense, so his main focus is learning the play-book and offensive terminology from position coach Kyle Flood.

"There's only so many ways to cut an apple," Dill said. "Pretty much every offensive line blocks stuff the same. It's just different terminology that I have to learn. … Schematically, I've been playing college football for four years, so I understand plays and am ready to learn the way Rutgers does things. It's not going to be [a major adjustment] on the offensive side of the ball."

Dill spent much of the last month learning more about the Rutgers program, he said, and he looks forward to joining a Frank Cignetti-run offense.

"I'm excited to play in the West Coast offense, which I played in my first two years," Dill said. "… I think it fit my skill-set well and I think it will fit my skill-set well again."

Dill said he watched the New Era Pinstripe Bowl closely and looks forward to helping the young talent at Rutgers next season.

"I think there's a whole lot of skill there," Dill said. "I'm excited to be a part of this program as a whole. I want to block for quarterbacks like Gary Nova and Chas Dodd. I'm excited to block for all the running backs because there are going to be a lot of running backs that play next year. I think it's a great program, a great offense."

Dill is friendly with rishing sophomore linebacker Kevin Snyder, who is from the same town, and said he is "very close" with center Dallas Hendrikson.

"I'm definitely excited to be playing football again, which I love," Dill said. "I'm excited to be at Rutgers and pursue my dreams. I'm excited about joining a new football team and playing in a new conference and playing for a great coach, and also a great person."

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