South Jersey's Buddy Brown Feelin' Rutgers

Williamstown (N.J.) High's Buddy Brown is one of the talented members of South Jersey's 2013 class, and he got an in-depth look at the program. His offer list has reached double digits, and he spoke to about a recent visit to Rutgers, and how he views the Scarlet Knights.

Williamstown (N.J.) High class of 2013's Buddy Brown headed to Rutgers for a bowl practice last month already with plenty of knowledge about the football program.

And he left with much better understanding of what the Scarlet Knights were about, and feeling even better about his home-state school.

The 6-foot-2, 205-pound Brown was one of the attendees when the Scarlet Knights brought a few dozen prospects to campus to witness an academic presentation, tour the facilities, sit in on position meetings and watch a bowl practice.

"It was a great day," said Brown, who is being recruited to play outside linebacker. "It was way better than what I thought of Rutgers before. I always liked Rutgers because it was my home state and everything, and that was one of my first offers.

"When I got to sit down and learn about how Rutgers is …I never really thought about it being (close to New York) and the No. 1 market in the world, and the opportunities you have outside of football when you get to college, and the networking for when you get out of college."

Brown, who has seen his offer list grow to double digits, is one of the many talented juniors in South Jersey, where Rutgers has created quite a buzz.

"I knew people that played for Rutgers from down here," Brown said. "I feel it's a great school and is on the rise. (Timber Creek Regional linebacker) Quanzell Lambert is going there, and I know a lot more of South Jersey kids are talking about it and I think they could surprise some people in the next recruiting class."

Among those South Jersey players talking up the Scarlet knights are the Timber Creek duo of Myles Nash and Dajauan Drennon. Timber Creek defensive tackle Greg Webb also holds an offer from the Scarlet Knights, and they all talk about playing together in college.

"We all played youth football together," Brown said. "A lot of us were on the same team, or we played against each other and we all were on the same all-star team. With the recruiting stuff, and with them pitching us that we can all play together again, that's really good.

"That's something we see recruiting, like the relationship they have with our parents. They're real family-oriented, and how they come off. I feel if I went there, I wouldn't have to worry about anything. They'll take care of me just like my parents would."

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