Fan Feedback on the Lawsuit

Fan Feedback on the lawsuit

This fan thought that ACC has made a major blunder

Thank God we filed this lawsuit. As an attorney, I think we have a very good case of damages. This, alone, will scare many ACC schools to rethink their position. Moreover, if the facts are accurate many of the ACC presidents will be shocked by the behavior of the ACC commissioner, the greed of such individuals, and will not only look to retract but may ask for an internal investigation of their own leadership. Hopefully they will get the axe.

This also comes at a time when the NCAA has formed a committee to downplay the impact that athletics has had on their own institutions.

Finally, I hope some student-athletes from Syracuse and Boston College will bring a lawsuit against their own institutions for threatening the existence of many of the programs that will be abolished - all for the sake of football. This also causes Title IX problems and is an indirect way of decreasing support for womans sports.

In my opinion, the was a major mistake by the ACC, as on its face it smacks of greed and all the ugly side of college athletics. These institutions of higher learning were formed to mold the minds of their students This is not the message they want sent to them. Moreover, it will cause Congress to step in and reform the way college athletics are run. It is now a big business and not is exempt from the laws of monopoly and anti-trust.


This fan thought that the defecting schools had made the blunder

Well, I guess over the long haul an expanded ACC may be financially better off. However, you would have to think that some of the participants are going to have second thoughts regarding the revenue stream now that it looks like a serious suit has been filed.


This fan copied me on a note to the Boston College administration

FYI - Here is an email I sent to the president of Boston College. I thought you might be interested in my view of the BC actions.

I read today of the lawsuit by the Big East Conference against the ACC, Miami U. & Boston College.
As I read through the different articles in the suit, I was left with the impression that the clandestine ground laying work between your staff and the ACC was a sort of chicanery.
It was a breach of ethics and and trust on the order of magnitude of adultery in a marriage, You betrayed you loyalty to your Big East partners for big bucks. It seems that this pursuit of Mammon will also hurt some of your own minor sports thus harming some of your own students.
So far, my impression of this action is that you have been acting unethically. I always felt that the Church in which I was raised would act in the highest moral and ethical manner. Your institution is a representative of that Roman Catholic Church and should live by the highest of moral and ethical ideals. I do not believe that your school jumping to the ACC is a good example of moral and ethical behavior.
Please rethink your decision. Do not be blinded by the devil's dollars.



This fan drew a bead on the real loser in this whole deal

The one who may be hurt the most as a result of this is Shalala (and her vision for Miami's future.) As a result of her actions I doubt that any university CEO will trust her at her word again. Further, it is unlikely that she will ever receive a leadership position (outside of the ACC) among her peers that brings influence and credit to Miami.

Ultimately, had only Miami moved, I doubt this would have been such a big deal. However, her insistence on having northeast cohorts, and thus potentially destroying the BE, makes her, and Miami seem like nothing better than the thugs they were seen to be in the '80's. I know for a fact some Miami alumns w/influence are upset about the bad press and expense they will carry in to the future.


This fan's interest in the issue was limited

Just kick out BC. After that I don't  care.


Finally this note from a fan on a Boston College bulletin board

Can a school who has never done anything positive for the Big East
...claim damages? Rutgers, the butt of all loser football jokes, has:

- Never gome to a bowl as a Big East member
- Has pathetic attendance
- Does not travel well
- Has an average to below average academic reputation
- Cannot win in the Big East
- Has not had a .500 record in decades
- Cannot beat OCC teams

In other words, a constant source of embarrassment to the Big East and a drain on resources. They collect a check every year but has NEVER contributed anything to the Big East.

Can they claim that they deserve to be part of a lawsuit that claims that there are financial damages? Seems that Rutgers causes more financial damages to the Big East than any of The Chosen 3.

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