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Miami's possible move to the Atlantic Coast Conference could be delayed by a lawsuit filed by five Big East schools. Miami athletic director Paul Dee said the school's plans haven't changed, despite the lawsuit filed Friday accusing Miami, Boston College and the ACC of concocting a scheme to destroy the Big East through the departure of the two schools.
Miami's Dee says lawsuit could slow down move to ACC - Courier News


Rutgers and four other Big East Conference schools took their game from the playing field to a court of law yesterday, filing suit in an attempt to prevent the University of Miami and Boston College from defecting to the Atlantic Coast Conference. The lawsuit, seeking hundreds of millions of dollars in damages and an injunction that would preserve the 14-team Big East, was filed in state Superior Court in Hartford, Conn. It alleges Miami, Boston College and the ACC engaged in a "deliberate scheme to destroy the Big East and abscond with the (league's) collective value." Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal told the Associated Press the state has "absolutely rock-solid evidence" to support claims there was a conspiracy.
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No longer Big East members of much standing, Miami and Boston College officially are Defecting School Defendants. That's their title in a lawsuit filed against them Friday by five Big East members left behind as Miami and B.C. look to bolt for the Atlantic Coast Conference.Those schools - Connecticut, Virginia Tech, West Virginia, Pittsburgh and Rutgers accuse Miami and Boston College of a "deliberate scheme to destroy the Big East and abscond with the collective value of all that has been invested and created in the Big East." They refer to the "subterranean manner" in which the two schools carried out this scheme.
Philadelphia Inquirer | 06/08/2003 | Big East-ACC sweepstakes taking on a nastier look


The courtship that led to Friday's unprecedented lawsuit by five Big East Conference schools trying to keep their league intact started with an easy 21/2-block walk one January morning in Coral Gables, Fla.Unbeknownst at that time to many, the ACC had been studying the possibility of expansion for more than a year, creating a strategic planning group, hiring a consultant and doing nearly all of its homework.
An Expanded Look at ACC-Big East Battle (washingtonpost.com)


The lawsuit filed by five Big East schools in an attempt to keep their conference together might have little - if any - legal merit. But that doesn't mean it can't succeed in stopping the defection of Miami and Boston College to the Atlantic Coast Conference.
Gary R. Roberts, deputy dean and director of the sports law program at Tulane, said the suit might force ACC schools to rethink their expansion position, possibly leaving the conference without enough votes to extend invitations to Miami, BC and Syracuse.


Bob McClure calls them generals. They are the deans and professors that command the operation at Syracuse University's Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs
McClure is stepping down this summer after 34 years of duty. The senior associate dean at Maxwell remembers only one instance when someone upstaged a general.
Littlest general to decide Big East fate

Virginia Tech couldn't beat Miami in football or men's basketball this year, but a Roanoke lawyer says Tech could have better luck in court.
Mike Urbanski, who dislikes the ACC's plan to take three teams from the Big East, sees merit to the argument that Miami and Boston College abandoned their contractual obligations to the Big East.


With the lawsuit filed Friday by five Big East schools against Miami, Boston College, and the Atlantic Coast Conference, the future for the Big East and ACC is on hold, but perhaps not for long. The consensus, even among the five schools that sued -- Rutgers, Pittsburgh, West Virginia, Virginia Tech, and Connecticut -- is that it is unlikely they will be able to force BC, Miami, and Syracuse to remain in the Big East. And to that end, indications from officials in both conferences are that the ACC presidents will still vote Tuesday to offer invitations to the three schools.
Boston Globe Online / Sports / Possibilities seem endless for ACC, Big East


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