More Fan Feedback on the "Sue me, Sue You Blues"

On the lawsuit - pro

Mike, I say..."If you can't beat 'em on the football field, kick their a-in court!!!"

On the lawsuit - con

Intersting story, but sad because now the big east is really doomed with it turning on itself.......self destruction is nasty business. Our big east is so wimpy a conference that we can't imagine how it could survive with replacement schools added. We should be ashamed.....what they all said was true....we are the big easy, now the scared, insecure brats.


On the critic from Boston College - Pro

Mike, the gentleman from Boston is accurate on all accounts except our academic reputation. If there is blame to be laid, it is on our current and past athletic directors. It is their department, it is their responsibility, and it is on their consciences.

On the critic from Boston College - Con

Mike;The BC fan that wrote the remarks about RU is not old enough to remember the basketball fixing scandal of 1950 when a BC player was involved in fixing games along with the players from CCNY and NYU.BC has a long record of criminal gambling activities by their players that has given college athletics a bad rap.RU has never had players  involved in criminal activity.And the BE stood by BC in the most recent episode.BC fans should be careful who they accuse.

And this fan added

That last guy from BC raking RU over the coals really misses the point. Rutgers "other" sports far exceed the accomplishments of the football team, and contribute mightily to the Big East competition. To say that Rutgers causes damage to the Big East is outrageous, and dumb.
The Rutgers NY/NJ media coverage benefits everyone. I truly believe that BC will ultimately suffer when this entire ACC
controversy settles. I don't care whether BC goes to the ACC or not, BC will suffer in lost revenues, lost recruiting, and, more importantly, if they go to the ACC their lesser sports programs will be sorely strained and some lost.
I also won't address what I think of his slight to RU's education and it's national recognition.
I guess the problem is that I know BC to be a lesser educational institution than RU, and some whack taking pot shots annoys me, even though they have had a better football team. Wait till this'll be
great when we take it to BC.


On the "Fourth of July"

Mike, nice article on the Fourth of July. It brings up an interesting scenario. Do they admit that negotiations occurred a long time ago - which we all know is the truth - or do they cover it up. If they admit there were long term negotiations they expose their universities to major damages for their fraud and deceit. If they cover it up they expose themselves to possible criminal charges for lying under oath. Its the Martha Stewart syndrome - the cover up may be worst than the crime.

I think we overestimate the intelligence of some of these individuals. Shahala, Dee, and DeFilippo must have realized that there would be major consequences to their actions. It is not a problem for one university to defect - provided you don't make absolute statements to the contrary as Shahala did. (Doesn't she talk to counsel? Is she brain dead?) ...

I look forward to hearing all of the evidence but unfortunately the field of play will never be the same. I agree that Miami is gone but I am not so sure the ACC cares that it hangs BC out to dry. It eventually will come down to every man for himself as this mess is exposed. Miami will join the ACC and the ACC will be the happier for it whether they get 12 teams. BC will be caught the third time is some type of scandal and maybe the answer is some period of probation from the Big East with the removal of the defected individuals within the university. A more ironclad Big East agreement will be required. I hope I am right. The alternative of losing the 3 only means more governmental intervention in sports as this baby will not die without some major consequences from government. There is too much money involved and too many public institutions to think Congress will not get involved.


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