Carroo Works Hard During Official Visit

Don Bosco Prep (Ramsey, N.J.) four-star receiver Leonte Carroo saw his weekend official visit as a business trip more than anything else. Trying to recruit the top talent in the area to join him at Rutgers, Carroo spoke with about his official visit to Piscataway.

More than anything else, Don Bosco Prep (Ramsey, N.J.) receiver Leonte Carroo was on campus to recruit his friends.

Committed to Rutgers for five months, Carroo spent his official visit trying to add other top recruits in the area to the class, including All-America teammates Darius Hamilton, Devin Fuller and Yuri Wright and top offensive linemen J.J. Denman and Ryan Brodie.

"I worked on the uncommitted guys so much," Carroo said. "Yuri, Devin, J.J., Brodie, everybody. They were around me pretty much the whole time, so they got an ear-full about it. They seemed to love the place. We all really connected and I think that's something that will help finish the class with the brotherhood that I'm seeing start already."

Hosted by last year's top recruit, running back Savon Huggins, Carroo spent the weekend in a freshman dorm with Gary Nova, Paul Canevari, Kaleb Johnson and fellow recruits Hamilton and Brodie.

"That was a pretty special thing," Carroo said. "Everybody in that room is a big football player and everybody except Kaleb was from New Jersey. It was cool being with them for most of this trip. This is what it can be like if everybody stays home."

While on the official visit, recruits went into New York Saturday night and spent other parts of the weekend touring the campus and spending time with the coaching staff and current players.

"It was great to hang out with Gary and Paul, my old teammates, and Yuri and Darius," Carroo said. "It was lots of fun. I had a good time going to Dave & Buster's with everyone and hanging out with the group.

"I pretty much know most of the guys, so it wasn't that much of a surprise meeting my future teammates or anything, but it was definitely nice hanging out with them again like when I used to see them at practice and stuff like that."

Carroo was hard at work for the majority of the weekend, but that did not mean he could not have fun. Set to sign in eight days, the official visit made it "more real" for Carroo.

"I still enjoyed myself," Carroo said. "Aside from the recruiting process, I was just having fun hanging out with my coaches I made sure that my mom had a good time and my dad and I had a good time and things like that."

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