Brodie Sticking With Rutgers

No matter what happens in the coaching search, offensive tackle Ryan Brodie is sticking with Rutgers. With three days to think about the developments since Greg Schiano's departure, the Long Branch (N.J.) offensive lineman will stick with Rutgers and sign on Feb. 1.

Ryan Brodie is not going anywhere. Committing to Rutgers and coach Greg Schiano, the three-star tackle recruit will stick with Rutgers regardless of athletic director Tim Pernetti's choice for head coach.

In an effort to unite other recruits and rally them around Rutgers, Brodie announced his intentions to stay with Rutgers three days before National Signing Day.

"I'm excited," Brodie said about his decision to stick with the Scarlet Knights. "[My love] never went down for the school. I was just a little upset I never stopped liking them. It was always a school I liked."

Brodie was one of six commits at yesterday's basketball game where he spent time with interim coach Kyle Flood and the rest of the remaining staff. The game did not put Brodie over the top, however. His conversations with other recruits, and current players like Kaleb Johnson and Miles Shuler made him decide to stay.

"To see how positive they were about the situation was really good," Brodie said. "Kaleb, he was the same as me, upset at first and everything but then after thinking about it. They're ready to go, I'm ready to go."

Brodie has had Rutgers toward the top of his board since he became a recruit more than two years ago and said that his passion for the program is unique.

"I love the school," Brodie said. "I didn't have any other passion for any of the other schools like I did for Rutgers. I didn't feel that way for any other school."

Brodie and his family had time to speak with Pernetti before the quiet period began earlier today and his reassurances about the direction of the program were a calming influence, Brodie said.

"He was talking about the coaching staff and how he was going to try to keep a lot of them together," Brodie said. "He also talked about the school and the team in general and the program."

One of Pernetti's messages since Thursday has been that Rutgers is bigger than one man. Brodie, who announced his commitment the day before Schiano's departure, agrees.

"It's not about the coaches," he said. "It's about the players and the people there. I love the school."

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