CoachSpeak: Flood Breaks Down New Staff

Rutgers football coach Kyle Flood and his newly hired staff spoke with the media today on a conference call. Flood, who is in his third week on the job, spoke about the built-in relationships with the staff and the effect he hopes the hires can have on recruiting.

The names of Kyle Flood's first coaching staff as the Rutgers football head coach may be new to the program, but not to Flood.

In his 20 years as a football coach, Flood has working experience with the majority of his new staff and is excited for how quickly he expects things to come together this spring, he said.

"I don't know if you can ever put a timeframe on it," Flood said on the new offense. "I do know that there's already some built-in relationships that will help expedite that process. [Offensive coordinator Dave Brock] and [quarterbacks coach Rob Spence] and I worked together a couple years ago in the mid-to-late 90s. Coach Brock and [running backs coach Ben Sirmans] had just got done working together and [offensive line coach Damian Wroblewski] and I have worked together the last couple of years at our camp right here at Rutgers. I think those things will help."

Flood entered the game in finding assistants late because of the timing of Greg Schiano's departure to the NFL, but worked quickly to find the right staff for Rutgers.

"This is one of the most exciting days that I've had and I've had quite a few here in probably the last week or so," Flood said. "Any time you get a chance to hire a coaching staff, certainly your first staff, is like a dream come true."

"I had pretty strong relationships with most of the people we've had here so far, but really the criteria for me was really very simple — people that were in-line with our philosophy here as a football program, offense, defense and special teams. But more important than that, people of really high character and people with strong relationships in the areas that we recruit."

Finding assistants, Flood said, was not challenging because of how desirable a job at Rutgers now is. Every assistant that left the program since Schiano's departure, now has a job in the NFL.

"I think that where Rutgers is as a football program, head-coaching and assistant-coaching jobs here are very attractive jobs," Flood said. "I think that we've been able to bring experience here, but more important than that, it's experience in the system that we run."

Recruiting Impact

Flood said he has not finalized any set jobs for assistant coaches in recruiting specific areas. This late in the process, Rutgers has many of hits 2013 recruits targeted and can focus on individuals.

Though the staff was announced this morning, coaches have been working behind the scenes for a week to build relationships with Rutgers recruiting targets.

"The way the recruiting calendar works these days, we're well into the process of recruiting the 2013 class," Flood said. "It's much more about recruiting the players at this stage than it would be the actual areas. We'll get out in May and hit every school in New Jersey just like we always do and we'll be out there investigating the 2013s and 14s and 15s, etcetera. I do think there are some natural niches with each coach here.

In Flood's new staff, he brings a diverse group of coaches with experience as head coaches, coordinators, NFL players and youth.

"You bring people here that are at the highest level of their profession in terms of how they coach football and their knowledge," Flood said. "I think you bring people here that are excellent recruiters, people that know how to build relationships. I've been fortunate to bring just about everyone on the staff here with built-in relationships to the area already."

Pernetti's role

No longer a member of the coaching staff, athletic director Tim Pernetti played a key role in building the new staff, Flood said.

"I want to thank, publicly, Tim Pernetti for giving me the resources to bring the best possible people here, which he did," he said. "As we go forward, I think you guys will understand how fortunate we are to have them as a part of our program."

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