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Just talked to my Southern connection inside one of the ACC athletic programs. He advised me that the ACC expansion plan was complete before the law suit. Additionally, it seems that Virginia, the school and the state legislature, hold the deciding votes. They have invested heavily in the development of Va Tech (a state school) and do not want them left behind. Their latest investment plan on their second stadium expansion has been put on hold. It also appears that, for some reason, the ACC has no interest at all in VT.

The word from the South is that it is possible that there could be a compromise for football only. Basically there would be a championship game between each conference. The issue at hand is the number of BCS bids allotted to the conferences. This will never happen without the guarantee of two bids. The NCAA must get involved. This scenario leaves the other sports, particularly basketball, to remain status quo, which leaves all the basketball schools and coaches happy.

The law suit could be long and protracted. If so, it could have a negative effect on media negotiations in the coming year. That will affect both conferences. Therefor it will be in everyones best interests to resolve this earlier rather than later.

Another point was brought up from my source. Florida State, GaTech, and Clemson are very interested in expansion and may look elsewhere if this issue is not resolved to their satisfaction. As strange as this may sound, it could be possible that they would withdraw from the ACC and these schools, along with Virginia, would create a 12 team conference with the eight Big East schools. Sounds far fetched, but there has been a level of animosity for many years between these schools and the "tobacco schools" of the ACC.

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