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What everyone involved with the Atlantic Coast Conference and Big East Conference has been reluctant to talk about has finally been said.
The person to break the silence is West Virginia University President David Hardesty. What had only been whispered about behind closed doors before Friday is combining all of the football schools from the Big East with the ACC to create an East Coast superconference.
"It is certainly viable to talk about an East Coast league," Hardesty told The Associated Press in Morgantown, W.Va., on Friday. "There are lots of options out there. That is not a frivolous one."
Big East, ACC could merge


If you or your child are enrolled in pre-law at Pitt or any of the football-playing schools in the Big East Conference that would be orphaned by the defection of Syracuse. Boston College and Miami to the Atlantic Coast Conference, you are a student at the right school. Because the men and women in charge of those five schools are teaching by example. As we see every day in this society, if you can't beat 'em, sue 'em. Obviously, I'm not a lawyer. It's enough of a struggle trying to be a media multitasker. But what little sense I have is of the common variety, and that tells me this lawsuit against Boston College, Miami, and the Atlantic Coast Conference has little merit. And, even though it appears to be working, that still doesn't mean it has merit.
Savran: Big East suit lacks merit, but works


The leadership at North Carolina and North Carolina State constantly deal with the pressures of academic integrity and school funding. But there may not be a more demanding and stressful issue for them right now than the Atlantic Coast Conference's expansion talks. Millions of dollars are at stake, along with the tradition and integrity of a league that has pretty much remained within its boundaries for a half-century. And, of course, there is a lawsuit to fight from the Big East, a conference that feels it is being raided.
North Carolina leaders feel heat of ACC expansion - Courier News


The call for mediation over ACC expansion will likely be an ill-fated attempt to instill some backbone and integrity into the highest level of college athletics, especially its governing body.
Witness the ongoing lack of leadership by the NCAA regarding Division I-A football - they are only around to pick up the pieces and smack hands after bad things happen. What makes Governor Warner or anyone else think that they are suddenly going to act like responsible adults now?


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. -- West Virginia Athletic Director Ed Pastilong said he does not believe the Atlantic Coast Conference presidents will approve the annexation of three Big East schools. "I've said that my personal feeling was that we had a 50-50 chance" of preserving the Big East, Pastilong said Thursday. "But I'm now thinking of moving that to 60-40." West Virginia and four other Big East schools filed a lawsuit June 6 against the ACC, Miami and Boston College in Connecticut Superior Court.
SportingNews.com - College Football : W. Va. AD: ACC expansion doubtful


Eight high-ranking officials confirmed Friday that Florida State's position on expansion has been clear since late 2001: If the ACC can't lure Miami away from the Big East, Florida State can't guarantee it will remain an ACC member."(Florida State's position is) common knowledge among athletics directors and (conference) commissioners when we get together," one source said Friday.
Charlotte Observer | 06/14/2003 | Sources: FSU wanted Miami


Florida State president T.K. Wetherell said Friday he is "pretty positive" the ACC will expand, a statement that at least one colleague -- N.C. State chancellor Marye Anne Fox -- wouldn't back up.
newsobserver.com - FSU leader upbeat


If nothing else, the recent tidal wave of political rhetoric that has stalled the Atlantic Coast Conference's expansion effort has provided Florida State president T.K. Wetherell with some needed comic relief."We've got our governor (Jeb Bush) weighing in, the Virginia governor, the New York governor," Wetherell said. "We've got a couple of calls into the White House so we can weigh them in. It seems to be 'Who can bring the biggest fish to the table."'Wetherell is convinced that the ACC soon will be adding Miami, Syracuse and Boston College despite a lawsuit that has been filed or any other negotiating ploys used by the Big East Conference. On Thursday, he told the Democrat that the expansion would be completed by the end of next week.He slightly backed off that assessment Friday, but still expressed confidence that those three schools would be signed, sealed and delivered by a June30 deadline when the Big East doubles its penalty for schools that withdraw from the league.
Tallahassee Democrat | 06/14/2003 | Wetherell: Expansion will be achieved


Football and television got us into this mess.
Football and television should get us out of the mess.
Unfettered greed is the reason for the war between the ACC and Big East.
Managed greed would be the reason for the peace.
Even a fool can see that ACC stands for Avarice Cunning Cupidity. Even a dunce can see the insatiable beast in the Big East. So let's not speak disingenuously of athletic spirit and academic community; 2003 is far too late for such altruism.
ctnow.com: SPORTS


The idea of a Big East-ACC football alliance - proposed and discarded years ago - is starting to attract attention again.
Two Big East schools that would be left behind by the ACC's plan to add Miami, Boston College and Syracuse repeated their request Friday for a meeting with ACC presidents.
And the idea of an alliance, proposed Tuesday by Pittsburgh chancellor Mark Nordenberg, would likely be discussed.
"My bottom line objective is to keep the Big East together as a conference where we can continue to compete against one another," UConn president Philip E. Austin said. "If you could superimpose other relationships on to that to improve and strengthen [the conference], that would be worth examining. I'm not supporting anything, but I'm ready to talk about anything."
ctnow.com: SPORTS


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