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Our long, national nightmare marches on like rain drops on Syracuse weekends and Billy Fuccillo television spots.
The Atlantic Coast Conference has dragged Syracuse into a messy expansion process that is putting a damper on summer before it starts. It's not dead, but it's gotten very sticky.
The league that wants to take the Orangemen out of the Big East is in weekend recess. A busy week of conference calls did not produce an expected vote by ACC presidents to expand. More talks are ahead. Florida State's president said this week expansion will be done by week's end. No one is sure anymore.
Three's a crowd for ACC

Over the past couple of weeks, Big East Conference officials have designed plans in anticipation of Miami, Boston College and Syracuse accepting invitations from the Atlantic Coast Conference. Now, after the ACC presi dents twice delayed voting on expansion despite conference calls on Tuesday and Wednes day, the Big East must contem plate the prospect of Miami, BC and Syracuse returning to the fold.
And then what?
There would still be a lot of issues for us, said one Big East source, speaking on the condi tion of anonymity. We won't be the same. We haven't solved anything yet.
Big East planning response to ACC, deal or no deal


With ACC chancellors bickering over the proposed addition of three Big East schools, the league soon may consider one question to rescue this expansion from extinction: If the money makes sense, why not become a 10-team league by adding only Miami?N.C. State athletics director Lee Fowler said it "definitely could happen" under the right financial circumstances.
Charlotte Observer | 06/15/2003 | Miami by itself could be option


If paper-typed statements made noise, Erik Albright's would have snorted.After ignoring its buzz for a few days, Albright, the Atlantic Coast Conference's attorney, finally swatted at the five jilted Big East schools' lawsuit, calling it a suit with no merit.Meanwhile, two unrelated New York City attorneys, claiming no personal interest in the Big East's brawl with the ACC, enlisted a public relations firm to announce they thought the Big East Five's lawsuit was "thin gruel."But guess what? The Big East hasn't looked this alive in a month.This legal filing, this lawsuit charging the ACC, Miami, and Boston College of basically not playing nice, may never see the light of a courtroom. Still, it may be the move that saves the Big East.
North Jersey Media Group


Almost two months have passed since Big East commissioner Mike Tranghese opened the collegiate can of worms by calling the Atlantic Coast Conference "a bunch of hypocrites ... who operate in the dark."
That statement has triggered one of the darkest battles in college athletics. Since Tranghese exposed the ACC's expansion plan we have witnessed a parade of unusual events, including the unthinkable - a lawsuit filed by five Big East schools against two of their own members and the ACC.
ctnow.com: SPORTS


The summer budget-slashing season at UNC-Chapel Hill has brought a flurry of layoff notices and the end of HEELS for Health, a popular staff fitness program. University employees, most of whom didn't see a raise last year, are outraged.
Over at Carolina's athletics department, though, no one is talking about budget cuts.
A new $2 million video scoreboard, paid for by a media company from Missouri, is ready to broadcast football highlights at Kenan Stadium this fall. Tar Heel football coach John Bunting got a $100,000 raise last year -- bringing his compensation to at least $650,000, including an expense account, money from his radio and TV shows and from Nike, the corporation that provides free shoes and sports gear to the university's 28 athletic teams.
newsobserver.com - What price expansion?

University of North Carolina chancellor James Moeser has questioned the ACC's projections for enhanced television contracts following expansion, forming a potential snag in the expansion voting process.
And apparently, not everyone in the television industry is sold on the projections either, especially in the current economy.
newsobserver.com - Experts differ on ACC revenue


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