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I am responding to repetitious questions that seem to come in daily from Rutgers Basketball fans.


What is going on with recruiting this year and next year?


 All I can tell you is that Coach Waters hope is to have another center in the fold before August. I am not sure who that individual is and I'm not sure that anyone individual is a lock for the scholarship. I know that there is presently an African in the mix; this happened in the last few weeks and allegedly his grades and courses are being checked for submission to the clearinghouse. I've already given some of you this information. It comes from my source in Europe.


Coach and one of the assistants will be in Germany in the next couples of weeks for a Nike clinic. I am sure that he will be keeping his eyes open for any possible prospects while he is there. The final alternative would be a late qualifier or a Junior College player.


As far as next year goes, it looks to me as if Rutgers is expanding the geographic area of recruitment. I know of three insiders that will play in Jersey next year that Rutgers is following. The staff is monitoring more mid-western players this year, as well as, more athletes from the greater Washington area.  The staff is also heavily involved with players in Westchester County, mid-state New York, New England and Pennsylvania.


IMHO if Antwi qualifies and is the player Gary thinks, we will be hard pressed to find a quality point to back him up so I surmise that all three scholarships may go to the three inside positions. If a guard were brought into the program, he would be a combination and not a true point. This is contrary to everything that has been said or published elsewhere. Rutgers needs an impact insider in the fold early.



What can you tell us about the four-signed players?


Byron Joynes, Quincy Douby and Marquis Webb will be on campus this weekend for summer session number two.  They may also stay for number three. Antwi's grades have been submitted to the clearinghouse. If all goes well, he will be here in early July for session three.


Are any of the players up to; are any going abroad this year?


There are presently no specifics but expect one or two to go abroad. Some like Herve will go to position camps. This Friday is the culmination of Session I Summer School so he's off to Florida this weekend for a camp. Some will play in the Jersey Shore League but all of them are lifting everyday at 6:30 AM. Finally, Woo is rehabilitating his knee from ACL surgery. If all goes well he should be ready for Madness.

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