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Rutgers coach Greg Schiano has won just three games in his two seasons on the job. His team has failed to win a Big East game in 14 attempts. Last year, the Knights stumbled through a 1-11 season that included home losses to Buffalo and Division I-AA Villanova.
"We need to start winning some games," says Schiano, a New Jersey native charged with the difficult -- some say impossible -- task of turning Rutgers into a consistent winner in the Big East. - 2003 College Football Preview - 2003 College Football Preview: Rutgers Scarlet Knights


Fred Gruninger always loved big words, loved to dazzle interviewers with them in pedagogic fashion. The dictionary definition of pedantic as "characterized by a narrow often ostentatious concern for book learning and formal rules" seems made for any description of the fastidious for mer Rutgers athletic director. So it becomes the ultimate irony that his long regime at Rutgers now will be remembered as one filled with rules violations, with failure to abide by the NCAA book which eventually landed the university on athletic probation.
Gruninger's image takes a huge hit


Big East Blues

Watching the Big East and Atlantic Coast Conferences slugging it out is a little like watching sudden-death overtime at a sporting event.
The highs and lows are incredible.
Virginia Tech key to solid Big East


Conference commissioners are paid to generate revenue streams. Swofford is convinced it can happen here. Presidents invariably back commissioners. And since no one values loyalty or tradition anymore, and no one cares about the well-being of the student-athletes, you wind up with a 13-team conglomeration. Swofford has been a bulldozer here. It hasn't been pretty; the reputation of his league has been sullied, and there have been more mistakes than brilliant tactical moves, but he has never let up. He clearly was more interested in making expansion happen then doing what is best for the ACC. Only he knows why.
ACC expansion to 13 wouldn't add up for anybody


RICHMOND, Va. (AP) -- Virginia Tech's sudden re-entry in the Atlantic Coast Conference expansion picture created quite a stir on campus Thursday, and could put the Hokies in the position of facing a difficult decision.
"It's absolutely a double-edged sword," William C. Latham, a member of the school's Board of Visitors, said of the ACC's reconsideration of the Hokies. "It's too simplistic to call it a can of worms -- it's a bucketful of worms."
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Fan Feedback

On "1800 Barracudas"

Mike, I really enjoyed reading your article. Not only was it precise, complete and entertaining but your ending really surprised me. I thought you were talking Notre Dame. It really makes you wonder what if. I hope your word gets out - maybe there is hope for a super conference.


On "Good Bye, Cruel World"

Great stuff....You captured exactly how us diehards feel about Rutgers sports...we are such tortured souls...but are you sure it is just a bad dream?


On offering Virginia Tech

Here's my take on the latest move with Virginia Tech:

1. They have not been officially invited. The ACC is sniffing around to see if they would accept privately. Unfortunately nothing is private in this deal.
2. If they are invited that will make 13 - which I do not believe is the magic number. They would have to look for 14 to split the divisions. How this will make financial sense to the presidents is beyond me but it seems doubtful that they can justify.
3. My guess is that the topic of adding VT to the mix was brought up in the ACC presidents conference and before they continued with that discussion someone stated that we better see if they are interested before we even entertained the idea. The Georgia Tech president said I know a trustee who is very friendly with the VT president, who can quietly etc., etc.. Big mistake.
4. I do not believe this is going anywhere. As the ACC receives more PR backlash from this latest Swofford mistake it will entrench and possibly force the presidents to abandon the whole idea.
5. I believe Swofford will be axed for the whole way he has handled this mess. He is a former quarterback, I think, and not a very good politician. He does not and may never have had a game plan. He is just reacting and as he does he is getting deeper and deeper into a legal quagmire. This is looking so amateurish that it is getting embarrassing.

What the ACC needs is a real commissioner.


On Rutgers getting probation

The way I look at it, this is like the class geek being indefinitely grounded by his parents because his pen leaked and his pocket protector had a hole in it.


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