Sanu Gives Scouting Report on CB Tyree

PISCATAWAY, N.J. — South Brunswick (Monmouth Junction, N.J.) star Jevon Tyree and Mohamed Sanu grew up as close friends. Now as one leaves Rutgers for the NFL, the other is set to begin his college career. caught up with Sanu at Rutgers Pro Day this week to talk Tyree and what he brings to the Scarlet Knights.

PISCATAWAY, N.J. — When South Brunswick (Monmouth Junction, N.J.) cornerback Jevon Tyree received and signed a National Letter of Intent from Rutgers early last month, one of the biggest celebrations came from a former Scarlet Knight great.

Fellow South Brunswick standout and close personal friend Mohamed Sanu hoped to see Tyree don scarlet during his entire recruitment and was rewarded when he saw the news on Twitter the morning of National Signing Day. "I was very excited that he got an opportunity to go to a very good school and show his talents," Sanu said. "He's a very good player. He's a very good person and just a great person to be around. We're very tight. I'm best friends with his older brother. We call ourselves brothers because that's what we consider each other. He's a very good kid."

Tyree expects to come to Rutgers as a cornerback.

According to Rutgers' all-time receptions leader, the 5-foot-11, 180-pound defensive back is good enough to cover Sanu right now without any college coaching.

"He'll be a very good corner," Sanu said. "Me and him, we play ball all the time and we go at it. He holds his own. It's not like I'm killing him. If we go at it, he's a very good player."

Though slightly undersized, Tyree's athleticism sets him apart from other cornerbacks, Sanu said.

"[He's] a tremendous athlete," Sanu said. "Rutgers is getting a really good player, a real good athlete. You're going to see. I'm telling you. Don't sleep on him."

Tyree ranks in as's No. 36 cornerback in the Class of 2012. "He does a lot of different stuff that I've never seen done. he changes directions very well," Sanu said. "He has that extra gear not a lot of people have. He goes from zero to 60 very fast with very good instincts. He's strong, explosive. He's just that guy you want to be around."

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