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In 1990, recognizing it had to be proactive, or be devoured by its sports predators, the Big East voted to invite Miami into the conference. It was a deal with the devil, and commissioner Mike Tranghese knew it. But the alliance bought his conference time. Before long, it became apparent football was an inescapable factor in the conference's survival, so Rutgers, West Virginia, Notre Dame (although it remains a football independent), and Virginia Tech were added as the years rolled on.Now the day of reckoning is here. Miami, Syracuse, and Boston College are planning to leave the Big East for the Atlantic Coast Conference. The proposed move has left the Big East in turmoil, prompting a lawsuit by a number of its remaining schools to block the expansion.It's getting pretty ugly in these parts. Other Big East schools are charging that both Miami and Boston College negotiated their exit behind the backs of the other conference schools. Rev. William P. Leahy S.J., the Boston College president, and BC athletic director Gene DeFilippo have been branded as both traitors and football-crazed administrators who have no regard for the grand history of Big East basketball.Sorry. Wrong villains. If you want to assess blame, place it at the feet of Miami. If the Hurricanes don't jump, nobody goes anywhere. But if they do, what choice does Boston College have?
Boston Globe Online / Sports / Eagles really have no business staying


Atlantic Coast Conference presidents are reconvening this morning by conference call and should take up the trial balloon they floated to add Virginia Tech as a solution to the league's stalled expansion process.
The nine-member ACC has previously identified Syracuse, Miami and Boston College as Big East teams under consideration for expansion. All three schools have been in membership talks with the ACC for the last two months.
Syracuse spokesman Kevin Morrow said Friday the school does not anticipate being involved in any discussions with the ACC this weekend. The school had "no comment" when asked about adding Virginia Tech to the ACC. Syracuse chancellor Kenneth "Buzz" Shaw declined an interview request.
The ACC expansion drive stalled because of political wrangling in Virginia and a lawsuit filed by five Big East teams, including Virginia Tech. The University of Virginia has joined Duke and North Carolina in opposition to expansion. Virginia Gov. Mark Warner has pressured Virginia president Thomas Casteen to vote against expansion. The attorney general in Virginia joined the lawsuit that was filed in Connecticut on behalf of the five Big East teams potentially left behind.
Early wakeup call for ACC


Throw your copy of the third Knight Commission Report on a bonfire. It was supposed to be a blueprint for reform in college athletics but now it's worthless because one of its chief architects, Wake Forest president Tom Hearn, is helping escalate the arms race in college athletics. He should be ashamed of himself.
ACC's greed simply a disgrace


Virginia Tech could get some good news from the ACC today.
The nine ACC presidents will hold another conference call about expansion this morning. The presidents put Virginia Tech back on the table as an expansion candidate Wednesday.


RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) -- The Atlantic Coast Conference has been characterized in a lawsuit filed by a rival league as a corporate raider willing to stop at no economic cost to achieve expansion. Truth or fiction?
SI.com - College Football - ACC to have conference call Saturday


NEWPORT NEWS, Va. - With the Atlantic Coast Conference's nine presidents meeting via teleconference on Saturday morning to continue expansion discussions, Virginia Tech will be the hot topic. However, it is uncertain whether the Hokies will be pleased with the discussion.
The ACC's presidents could vote to begin discussing expansion with Virginia Tech, and to determine when they can formally visit the school, according to a source. If they vote yes, Tech would be the fourth Big East school targeted by the ACC. The conference's presidents have already voted to pursue Boston College, Miami and Syracuse.
However, the teleconference may not get that far.
Charlotte Observer | 06/21/2003 | Va. Tech tops today's ACC docket


Everything university administrators needed to know about ruling the collegiate world and dooming their less fortunate NCAA brethren to powdered milk and rice cakes, they did not learn in postgraduate studies. Or even kindergarten. Remember Lesson No. 1? Share everything. Baaa! Share? The Atlantic Coast Conference began playing footsie with Big East power Miami more than a year ago, no matter what anybody might contend publicly. Greed, naturally, and more greed was why.
HoustonChronicle.com - Lopez: ACC's just another bully on playground


Where are they now:  Eddie Jordan, Tom Young

Eddie Jordan spent his first full day as head coach of the Washington Wizards yesterday by meeting a surplus of issues head-on.First, he began putting together a coaching staff. He received permission to interview his former colleague with the New Jersey Nets, assistant coach Mike O'Koren, who likely will be Jordan's top assistant. That path was cleared yesterday when lead assistant Brian James was notified he would not be retained. Jordan's former coach at Rutgers, Tom Young, who coached at American University, will probably join his staff as well.
Jordan Has Busy First Day As Coach of the Wizards (washingtonpost.com)



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