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You have to wonder about John Swofford and the ACC presidents who have let his proposal to expand the number of schools with whom the current members of his league will play games morph from simple old-fashioned greed into "Alice in Wonderland" logic.
For openers, when Swofford came up a vote short in this quest to grant jock-strap asylum to Boston College, Syracuse and Miami, there suddenly surfaced the possibility of changing the rules and requiring only six votes instead of the seven needed under the current bylaws to expand.
Izenberg: Desperation and greed could be the ACC creed


Another day, more delay. The expansion saga with the Atlantic Coast Conference will head into a new week, after Saturday's indecision among the league presidents. No vote was called during a teleconference that lasted more than two hours. It was the fourth time in 12 days the ACC presidents have talked at length, but not acted on expansion.
ACC chiefs talk but again fail to act on expansion - Courier News


At its heart, the realignment tug of war between the Big East and Atlantic Coast Conference is a high-stakes, hard-edged national political campaign. Governors are involved, along with high-priced New York attorneys and dueling public relations firms that are adept at politics.
Philadelphia Inquirer | 06/22/2003 | ACC-Big East fight is taking on look of a political war


The Big East and UConn can at least take comfort in confirming the natural order of the universe. As William Butler Yeats reminds us: Things fall apart.
But for fans awaiting the first first-and-goal in East Hartford this season, the struggle between the Big East and Atlantic Coast Conference has more immediate implications. Namely, those three-year season ticket commitments they made to the football team.
Will it be Miami or Miami (Ohio)?


A three-hour conference call by Atlantic Coast Conference presidents Saturday produced nothing more than a statement saying they had moved closer to expansion.
The ACC presidents took no vote and did not announce when they would meet again.
No vote no matter how you slice it


A North Carolina-backed option to add only Miami doesn't have sufficient support and might not be a viable for the Hurricanes, who are interested in joining a 12-team league with a championship game to provide increased revenue.After Saturday's meeting, the two options with the best chance are remaining status quo with nine schools or voting for 12 and including Virginia Tech as a substitute for Syracuse to join with Miami and Boston College. Virginia Tech's inclusion is necessary to free Virginia President John Casteen from political pressure so he can vote for expansion.
KRT Wire | 06/21/2003 | Telephone meeting resolves nothing in ACC-Big East discussion


 The ACC's interest in Virginia Tech did not get more serious Saturday.
The ACC's nine presidents held a 2 1/2 -hour conference call in the morning, their first since deciding in a conference call Wednesday to put Virginia Tech back on the table as an expansion candidate.
The presidents did not vote Saturday on whether to hold formal talks with Tech. The ACC did not inform Tech it wants to schedule a site visit.


ACC university presidents, after their fourth conference call in less than two weeks to discuss expansion, appear to be at an impasse and now are considering another possible solution, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.Needing to include Virginia Tech in order to secure Virginia's decisive vote for expansion, ACC university presidents yesterday discussed replacing Boston College or Syracuse with Virginia Tech in a three-team expansion, the source said. Virginia is under considerable political pressure and cannot vote for expansion without protecting Virginia Tech's interests, according to sources close to both schools.
ACC Presidents Ponder Options (washingtonpost.com)


RICHMOND, Va. (AP) -- Atlantic Coast Conference leaders met again by teleconference on Saturday and said they moved closer to the completion of their expansion process. "Consideration and clarification of a number of institutional questions were the focus of the meeting," the league said in a statement released Saturday afternoon. "The meeting was positive and the Council [of Presidents] made progress that will enable it to reach its goal of concluding this process by the end of the month." The meeting lasted about 2 1/2 hours and "everything was on the table," a high-ranking ACC official told The Associated Press on the condition they not be identified. The next meeting is expected to come early next week, the source said, adding that "things are getting close. They seem to be pretty determined to get this done."
SI.com - College Football - ACC says expansion 'getting close' to conclusion


On Saturday, the ACC's nine presidents held their fourth meeting in the past 12 days and again took no vote on expansion. The three previous meetings with no votes could be explained away. This time, however, it may signal that the ACC's expansion movement is in trouble.
Saturday's meeting was supposed to be about the possibility of adding Virginia Tech as a 13th member. Boston College, Miami and Syracuse already have been wined and dined and are just waiting for the official invitation.
Expansion in trouble


ACC officials said Saturday they expect to complete the league's expansion process by the end of the month, though it remains unclear how many schools will be invited to join the nine-member conference.League chancellors and presidents met via teleconference Saturday morning and addressed a variety of issues related to the expansion plan, which could grow the league to as many as 13 teams by including Virginia Tech of the Big East Conference.
Charlotte Observer | 06/22/2003 | Va. Tech remains in mix for ACC


Think of the toughest job you know. You call that tough? Tough is teaching ethics at Virginia Tech.
Charlotte Observer | 06/22/2003 | Hokies' flip-flopping hypocritical?


With the ACC raid of the Big East perilously close to dissolving, ACC Commissioner John Swofford knew he was in danger of becoming the biggest chucklehead in modern college sports.Heck, you can only hold so many conference calls without taking a vote before you're forced to file for bankruptcy for unpaid phone bills. Desperate times call for shameless measures.
Charlotte Observer | 06/22/2003 | Columnists weigh in on ACC expansion


One source suggested that N.C. State -- a consistent expansion proponent -- may have joined expansion opponents North Carolina and Duke to block formal talks with Virginia Tech. No official source would confirm that and ACC commissioner John Swofford refused to answer questions about Virginia Tech's status. "I don't think it would be appropriate to comment on any of the specific schools," he said. "Everything is pretty much, to one degree or another, still on the table." However, a high-placed ACC source reported after the meeting that "13 is off the table."
heraldsun.com: ACC move to 13 `off table,' source says


Louisville, currently in C-USA, seems to be holding the most cards of any non-BCS school. If the ACC invites Miami, Louisville is the most logical school from a football/basketball standpoint to join the Big East. Jurich won't talk specifically about any overtures from the Big East but it has been widely reported that the Cardinals will be coveted if the ACC expands. If Louisville bolts from C-USA -- Memphis and Cincinnati also have been mentioned as potential Big East fill-ins -- dominoes could start falling across the country. C-USA could then turn to the WAC, MAC or Sun Belt for members. And then the MWC could start picking off WAC teams, or the Pac-10 could start looking at MWC teams to get to 12 teams.
ACC raid has conferences scrambling - Sports - coloradoan.com


The nine Atlantic Coast Conference presidents voted on nothing Saturday and got further from a consensus of what to vote on. ACC expansion isn't dead, but it could be in trouble.
Sun Sentinel: ACC Expanson Looks Doomed


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