The Last Picture Show - Subscriptions

With time winding down for Mike and the Big Dog's, here's some info on how to handle non renewal of subscriptions.

I received an email last week from a fan asking me why I had renewed his yearly subscription being as I am leaving on May 1, 2004.

The fact is that I hadn't renewed his subscription. He had just failed to cancel it.

When fans sign up they get a notice that subscriptions automatically renew at the end of their term unless they are cancelled.

Once again, subscriptions are automatically renewed unless cancelled. I had deliberately given fans more than a year's notice of my departure so that they could cancel if they so wished. However, I can't cancel the subscription for you.

If you wish to cancel or not renew, go to "My Account" and log in.

Then go to "My Subscriptions" and take the necessary actions to cancel or non renew.

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