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The Last Picture Show - the Finale

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After 11/2 months of deliberations, discussions and telephone meetings, the Atlantic Coast Conference stunned nearly everyone last night, extending invitations to Virginia Tech and Miami, according to a source close to the situation. Boston College and Syracuse -- Big East schools that had gone through a formal process to receive invitations -- were not included, the source said.
ACC Invites Miami, Virginia Tech

Atlantic Coast Conference expansion took another startling twist Tuesday night, this time in the form of a strike at the very heart of the Big East Conference’s football power base.
The Washington Post, in today’s editions, reported that the ACC’s Council of Presidents voted Tuesday night to extend formal invitations to Miami and Virginia Tech, a move that would expand the ACC from nine to 11 schools and leave out of the mix two of the three schools the league had originally targeted — Syracuse and Boston College.
ACC switches invite to Miami, VT

In an unexpected turnabout, the ACC presidents and chancellors voted Tuesday to invite Virginia Tech and Miami -- but not Boston College and Syracuse -- to join what would become an 11-team conference.
The Washington Post and USA Today, quoting anonymous sources, reported an expansion scenario that was confirmed to The News & Observer by a source who also asked not to be named.
Miami, Va. Tech invited

The Atlantic Coast Conference's expansion efforts took an unexpected turn Tuesday night when school presidents voted to invite Miami (Fla.) and Virginia Tech — leaving out Boston College and Syracuse — according to a person with knowledge of the discussions.
The compromise move came after a 3½-hour conference call, the league's fifth in two weeks. An original proposal to expand from nine schools to 12, adding Boston College and Syracuse along with Miami, had failed to garner a requisite seven of nine votes.
ACC invites only Miami, Va. Tech

The University of Miami's impending move to the Atlantic Coast Conference will help the school's Olympic and women's sports and reduce the travel burden on student-athletes.
But it won't significantly improve the Hurricanes' financial predicament, at least for now, and could end up hurting their bottom line if the ACC sticks with 11 teams, industry observers say.
A get-rich-quick scheme for UM? It's not that simple

The Syracuse University football program finds itself exactly where Pittsburgh, West Virginia, ANALYSISRutgers, Connecticut and even Virginia Tech were a few hours ago - on the outside looking in.
The Orangemen appear to be headed back to the Big East Conference along with Boston College after their two-month courtship by the Atlantic Coast Conference. The ACC, according to some published reports today, is prepared to invite Miami and Virginia Tech from the Big East and leave Syracuse and Boston College behind.
ACC snub hits SU football hardest

Syracuse University was left in the dark Tuesday night after the Atlantic Coast Conference’s latest presidential conference call regarding expansion.
The Washington Post reported that Syracuse and Boston College may have been left out of ACC expansion all together.
ACC drops SU from expansion

The ACC Council of Presidents approved the addition of Big East members Miami and Virginia Tech during a four-hour conference call last night, according to several published reports. The New York Times reported that the proposal passed by a 7-2 vote.
The presidents at Miami and Virginia Tech still must formally accept the invitations, but officials from both schools declined comment. A spokes-man from the University of Pittsburgh also declined comment.
ACC asks Miami, Va. Tech to join

The Atlantic Coast Conference has voted to invite the University of Miami to join, a source told The Miami Herald, and the Hurricanes are prepared to accept, multiple UM sources said.
And in an unexpected twist, the ACC also decided to invite Virginia Tech.
ACC Commissioner John Swofford emerged from the ACC's Greensboro, N.C., offices shortly before midnight Tuesday but declined to confirm whether any schools had been invited.
Miami reportedly ready to accept invitation from ACC

If the latest reports are true, the Atlantic Coast Conference's on-again, off-again expansion plans may have taken their most bizarre twist yet last night.
ACC presidents concluded a four-hour conference call yesterday by voting to extend invitations to Miami and Virginia Tech, the Washington Post and Florida Sun-Sentinel reported on their Web sites.
According to the report, the ACC will hold a press conference today.
ACC eyeing Tech, Miami

The Atlantic Coast Conference has voted to invite the University of Miami to join, a source told The Miami Herald, and the Hurricanes are prepared to accept, multiple UM sources said.
And in an unexpected twist, the ACC also decided to invite Virginia Tech while leaving Boston College and Syracuse out in the cold.
ACC Commissioner John Swofford emerged from the ACC's Greensboro, N.C., offices shortly before midnight last night but declined to confirm whether any schools had been invited.
ACC wants only Miami and Virginia Tech

The Atlantic Coast Conference has decided to pursue a two-team expansion, one that would add Miami and Virginia Tech, a high-ranking league source said Tuesday night.
After a 2 -hour conference call, ACC commissioner John Swofford refused to comment on whether Miami and Virginia Tech - the Big East's two dominant football schools - had been offered invitations to join.
ACC to pursue only Miami, Virginia Tech

The Atlantic Coast Conference reached deep into its expansion playbook late Tuesday and pulled a shocking end run.
School presidents and chancellors voted Tuesday night to invite Miami and Virginia Tech to join the conference -- a scenario that excludes fellow would-be Big East defectors Boston College and Syracuse.
Sources also told ESPN that the vote was 7-2 in favor of inviting the two football powerhouses.
ACC commissioner: 'Close to a conclusion'

After being caught up in the whirlwind courtship of the Atlantic Coast Conference -- which also targeted Big East schools Miami, Syracuse and, in a late move, Virginia Tech -- Boston College last night was left out of the mix when the ACC's Council of Presidents reportedly voted to extend invitations to only the Hurricanes and Hokies.
Citing sources close to the situation, the Washington Post reported that the ACC's nine presidents -- on a conference call ostensibly to consider a Miami-only option offered as a compromise by Rutgers athletic director Bob Mulcahy and endorsed by North Carolina chancellor James Moeser -- instead made the stunning decision to add Miami and Virginia Tech, but not BC and Syracuse, which went through the formal invitation process.
ACC apparently leaves out BC

The presidents of universities in the Atlantic Coast Conference voted tonight to invite Miami and Virginia Tech to join the A.C.C., according to an official with intimate knowledge of the vote. In a surprising last-minute compromise, the presidents excluded Syracuse and Boston College from the expansion plan.
A.C.C. Reaches Decision to Invite Miami and Virginia Tech to Join







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LeBron James had the opportunity to spend time with Magic Johnson last week in New York.
The St. Vincent-St. Mary graduate called Magic ''one of the coolest guys'' he ever met. Michael Jordan might have been his boyhood idol, but it's Magic with whom James is most often compared.
James has demonstrated Magic-like playmaking abilities, creativity and court vision. The 6-9 Los Angeles Lakers legend helped pave the way for other versatile big men to make the transition from low-post players to guards.
LeBron's game has some Magic

Before LeBron James believes the hype and assumes Michael Jordan's throne before his first NBA game, he may want to review the expectations of other phenoms.
James, trying to follow Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett and Tracy McGrady from the high school halls to NBA corridors, will be taken No. 1 by the Cleveland Cavaliers in Thursday night's draft. Only Garnett averaged double-digit points (10.4) in his rookie season.
Demands are high for LeBron James, but if he tanks, he won't be the first

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It won't grab the headlines - or, presumably, the lawsuits - generated by the clawing between the Big East and Atlantic Coast Conferences. But in Division III, a fractured membership is looking to its own unsettling future.
At that level, there is a sense that the Big East-ACC war could be setting off tremors that will be felt in all three NCAA divisions.
A refinement of the big-money super-conferences, a lot of college administrators say, could be the first step toward a splintering of the NCAA.
In Division III, too, there is division

Duke Hall of Fame men’s basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski apparently is among the many whom have grown tired of the saga surrounding the Atlantic Coast Conference expansion plans.
"I hope we mend fences because we’ve obviously gone into another person’s yard with our tractor trailer and knocked down a few trees," Krzyzewski told The Associated Press Tuesday.
The Duke coach is also among the many drunk by the plethora of speculative print and electronic stories that have moved in the past six weeks.
Coach ‘K’ says enough already

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