Q&A with Junior CB Logan Ryan

PISCATAWAY, N.J. — All-Big East cornerback Logan Ryan stood out yesterday in the Rutgers football scrimmage with two sacks and solid coverage. A leader in what is expected to be a high-powered secondary, Ryan went 1-on-1 with ScarletReport.com after the scrimmage to talk spring camp.

ScarletReport.com: With how well the defense played, were you hoping the scrimmage would go a little longer?

Logan Ryan: I wouldn't say it was disappointing. Coach [Kyle] Flood said we got the work in that we needed to get in. A lot of guys are banged up and it's been a long, physical spring and it's not done yet. I think he was smart how he saved our bodies, but let us take care of all the things we needed to work on.

SR.com: Did you personally get what you wanted out of [yesterday's] scrimmage?

LR Definitely. There weren't as many plays as previous scrimmages, but that isn't a bad thing. I think we had quality plays and the defense played with a lot of energy and it was just fun being out there.

SR.com: Defense tends to be ahead of offense in the spring, but have you ever been a part of a scrimmage where the defense was this dominant?

LR: I don't really know the numbers of the quarterbacks, but this one felt pretty dominant for us. I think, as a defense, we do a good job of bringing a lot of energy every time we're in this stadium. This is a really talented offense, so it's a good sign that we were able to shut them down.

SR.com: Personally you shut down Brandon Coleman and Mark Harrison and had two sacks. Do you like having the freedom to do a little bit of everything?

LR: I'm in the boundary a lot more this year and it gives me the opportunity to blitz or do some different things. [Senior Duron Harmon] can cover. He's a great safety, so it's a good option for us sometimes.

SR.com: With the defense's successes, are you worried the offense is going to come out angry for the spring game?

LR: I hope they do. Every single day is a battle between us and they have great players. We have a lot of interesting plays. I'm sure they're going to respond. That's what they always do. I think we're worried about how they come out Tuesday before we think about the spring game.

SR.com: What are you seeing from the younger cornerbacks like Gareef Glashen and Johnathan Aiken?

LR: Progress. They're listening. They're taking criticism the right way. They accept constructive criticism and they're not putting their heads down. They're becoming better players and it's something we're very appreciative of. We're trying to be the best secondary in the country this year and that takes everybody. It can't just be the starting four or the top-two players. It's got to be the top guy to the last guy on the bench.

SR.com: How have you adjusted to the Robb Smith system without Coach [Greg] Schiano or Coach [Jeff] Hafley working with you?

LR: I think we have a lot more veteran leadership out there that allows leadership by example. Brandon Jones, Mason Robinson, me, Marcus Cooper, everybody. We're all leading and having the young guys lead on us. Coach Smith does a great job of handling us and putting us in a position to make plays. He allows the older guys to coach a lot more than anyone else did. I think it's a good thing for the program.

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