After Visit; 2 Stand Out to 4-star Miller

Metuchen (N.J.) High four-star offensive lineman Dorian Miller returned to Rutgers' campus Wednesday to look at a different aspect of the program. When he left, he spoke to about it. Also, he said two schools were standing out among his list.

Dorian Miller's whirlwind visit tour of six schools in a few weeks came to an end Wednesday afternoon, but only after a short commute to learn something new about a program he already knows plenty about.

The Metuchen (N.J.) High four-star offensive lineman headed to Rutgers for an unofficial visit with a twist from the many he took in the past. And after he left campus, he said two programs were standing out.

"I don't have a top number, a top 8 or anything like that," the 6-foot-3, 285-pound Miller said. "The only thing I would say is that the two that are really standing out are Rutgers and Tennessee. I'm still considering everybody that has offered me and shown interest, but right now the two that are ahead in the race are Tennessee and Rutgers."

Miller's visit tour began with a trip to Tennessee, where he was made aware he had a long-standing offer. He also visited Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina, then returned home before visiting Pittsburgh and Connecticut.

The flurry of visits ended with his half-day visit to Rutgers, which was geared primarily toward watching off-the-field training.

"It was a kind of fly-on-the-wall type of day," Miller said. "I came in and met with (recruiting coordinator) Tariq (Ahmad) as usual, and then watched them lift. It was something I saw at Alabama and figured it was something we should do more, which was watch a workout instead of just watching practice. We see practice all the time at Rutgers.

"Seeing the workout helps because that's an aspect you go through every day as a college football player. Today, they were maxing out. It was very cool seeing them get into it. They weren't holding back because I was there. It was really fun to watch."

After seeing strength and condition coach Jeremy Cole run the session, Miller met with several members of the staff and sat in on meetings. It began with offensive coordinator Dave Brock talking to the offense before offensive line coach Damian Wroblewski took the floor.

"I got a feel for all the guys, and just prove more and more that they really stand by what they mean and they're honest with me all the time," Miller said. "Coach Brock is a funny guy. I got to see him in action during the offensive meeting.

"(Wroblewski) is very similar to Flood, telling jokes. They kind of have that same personality. Overall, it was a real cool experience."

Miller was also fond of Cole.

"He's kind of like one of (former strength coach Jay) Butler's little protégés," Miller said. "Everything is real similar. Nothing is really too different."

The visit ended with a meeting with Flood.

"He just let me know again how much they wanted me," Miller said. "He really thinks if all of us Jersey guys stay, we can pull off a national championship and make stuff happens. It makes sense. Don Bosco is the best team in the country, and if you get the best guys from their team, it does say something. That's a good pitch."

Miller doesn't plan on making until after the season, and added South Carolina, Tennessee, Connecticut, Pittsburgh and Rutgers were each looking good for official visits.

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