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The Last Picture Show - the Finale

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The Last Picture Show - the Finale

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General - the ACC battle

The ACC's expansion efforts, already a drawn-out, 11/2-month process, will go through the weekend without reaching a final decision.
Miami Puts Off Decision To Monday

Miami isn't ready to join the ACC just yet and has not completely ruled out keeping its athletics programs in the Big East.
Miami weighs options

She would admit to nothing more than deep disappointment.
Which was an understatement of massive proportion.
Because the tone of Donna Shalala's voice and the look on her face hinted at the woman's utter frustration with a two-month process growing more maddening by the minute for her and her school.
Neither option too appealing to Shalala

There was only one fitting end to this off-season version of the ACC-Big East Challenge: overtime.
Now we have exactly that.
The prize is Miami, and I guess the ACC will still win the Hurricanes. But wouldn't it be ironic if the ACC lost?
Sorry, John Swofford. We have a lovely parting gift for you: Virginia Tech.
Miami keeps everyone on edge of seats

If the Atlantic Coast Conference's expansion effort blows up in John Swofford's face over the weekend, at least it won't be difficult to identify the two greediest villains.
The ones who don't have "University" as a last name, that is.
Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski and Miami president Donna Shalala are now running neck and neck for a spot in the ACC's Ring of Dishonor. It's so close, one of them is going to wind up winning the nomination by a nose - a nose stuck in everyone else's business.
Competing egos are threatening ACC expansion

Probably too late now, but there has to have been a way to somehow turn this athletic-conference wrangling over the University of Miami into a reality TV show. Considering the weeks and weeks in which the Byzantine drama has inched on, we might well have called the series, American Idle.
Atlantic Coast Conference vs. Big East -- if properly packaged in a way that made the exceedingly dull appear interesting, like they did with Anna Nicole Smith -- might have been the biggest thing since Ruben Studdard vs. Clay Aiken.
Please, spare all of us and get this over with

University of Miami president Donna Shalala announced Thursday she's delaying a decision on whether to join the Atlantic Coast Conference until Monday because she wants to consider renewed attempts by the Big East to keep the Hurricanes.
The Big East football schools, led by Syracuse and Boston College, have already made one offer - assuring UM at least $9 million annually over the next five years - and are preparing another one with more financial incentives, a high-ranking official with one of the schools said.
Big East reportedly to make Miami higher financial offer

So here we go again.
Another day, another installment in the ACC-Big East border war, the ongoing struggle to change the collegiate athletic landscape as we know it.
One day it's Miami, Boston College, and Syracuse being romanced by the ACC, the next it's five Big East schools suing the ACC for breach of contract.
Big East can survive - but how?

Randy Edsall feels like a character in a movie, but it's not the coach from "Remember the Titans" or "Hoosiers."
Edsall, the football coach at Connecticut, has had enough to deal with just getting his program acclimated to Division I-A and preparing it for its 2005 entry in the Big East. As if that wasn't enough, for the past few months he has also had to wonder what caliber of league his team will be joining.
Expansion is hitting Huskies hard

The University of Miami, torn by offers from two leagues, neither of which placates the school, will decide to leave the Big East or join the Atlantic Coast Conference on Monday.
Miami will consider counterproposals from the Big East and determine if it wants to join the ACC with Virginia Tech instead of Boston College and Syracuse, as originally planned.
"The Big East has informally sent a proposal, or at least a list of proposals, to us and we feel a responsibility to review them," Miami President Donna Shalala said.
Miami weighing different options

A national sports television analyst believes the Big East will have a difficult time selling itself to the networks should Miami and Virginia Tech leave the league for the Atlantic Coast Conference.
With the departure of two national powers, the Big East would lose much of its luster and become the country's smallest Division I-A football conference (the 10 other Division I-A leagues average 10 members). The Big East will reportedly play as a six-team conference in 2004 and 2005 if two league members defect.
No Miami? No Virginia Tech? No ratings

University of Miami president Donna Shalala announced Thursday she's delaying a decision on whether to join the Atlantic Coast Conference until Monday because she wants to consider renewed attempts by the Big East to keep the Hurricanes.
One final bid from the Big East

Nearly two months after Miami essentially engineered the ACC's pursuit of expansion, and one day after the ACC officially invited Miami to leave the Big East and join its ranks, school president Donna Shalala said she didn't know if Miami should go.
"This thing has had so many bizarre twists," Rutgers' athletic director Bob Mulcahy said, sighing, "there was liable to be one more."
Miami may balk at ACC invitation

Let's assume the worst here. Let's assume that the clods who run the Atlantic Coast Conference have actually succeeded in pulling off the hamhanded, two-school expansion of their league over the objections of the shoe-pounding Mike Krzyzewski. Let's assume that Miami and Virginia Tech do join the ACC to thus turn that league into a bulbous 11-team operation that appears to serve neither the football nor basketball interests of that drawling bunch.
Football future here just got bleaker

The University of Miami is mulling a counter proposal spearheaded by Syracuse University and Boston College before making a decision about joining the Atlantic Coast Conference, Miami president Donna Shalala said Thursday.
Shalala met with Miami's board of trustees for a little more than an hour Thursday afternoon in what was believed to be a formality before they accepted the invitation to the ACC. But she emerged from the meeting with the news that they would wait the weekend and make a final decision on Monday.
Miami to ACC: We'll call you on Monday

Miami President Donna Shalala, after meeting with the school's executive committee for an hour on Thursday, delayed until Monday a decision whether to accept an invitation from the Atlantic Coast Conference or stay in the Big East.
Shalala and Athletic Director Paul Dee discussed the ACC's proposal for a two-team expansion and told the committee a counter proposal had been received from the Big East. Monday is the deadline for withdrawing from the Big East for 2004-2005 and paying the minimum fee of $1 million.
UM still hedging on move to ACC

The University of Miami will take the next few days to consider a Big East Conference counterproposal before making a decision on whether or not to accept an invitation to play in the Atlantic Coast Conference.
Hurricanes to evaluate Big East counterproposal

Survival, not money, is the reason the Atlantic Coast Conference is pushing so hard to expand to 12 teams, according to a consultant who has advised the league through the process.
The nine-team league voted to add Big East members Miami and Virginia Tech, and although officials say they are done expanding, privately they are planning to add one more team in the near future. Big East officials aren't convinced the ACC has finished shopping, which is one reason the conference continues to pursue legal action to stop the expansion process.
ACC trying to expand its influence

Big East football may be decimated, but Villanova could end up in a better men's basketball version of the conference. And Temple will continue to read tea leaves, looking to see whether its football team will have a home, as a result of the Atlantic Coast Conference's decision Tuesday to change the cast of characters it wants from the Big East.
ACC ripples reach Owls, Wildcats

The University of Miami said yesterday it had received counterproposals from the Big East and would carefully consider them before deciding whether to join the Atlantic Coast Conference.
The university's 19-member executive committee of its board of trustees met with Miami president Donna Shalala and athletic director Paul Dee yesterday for more than an hour to discuss the ACC invitation. No vote was held during that meeting.
Miami considers Big East options

Just when it appeared that the Atlantic Coast Conference's expansion plans couldn't get any more bizarre than they have been for the past six weeks, they somehow did.
Miami president Donna Shalala said yesterday her school was now considering an informal counterproposal from the Big East and that it would hold off until Monday deciding on whether to accept the ACC's invitation to join.
Miami mulling staying in Big East

Boston College doesn't expect any hard feelings from the other Big East schools over its dalliance with the Atlantic Coast Conference, and there won't be any toward Miami if it stays in the league, either. "This is an academic institution. In an academic venue, you can have strong disagreements of opinion and go on working together," the Rev. William Leahy, BC's president, said Thursday. "It didn't work out the way I hoped it would. I still think they're good people."
Boston College sees no hard feelings from Big East

Atlantic Coast Conference Commissioner John Swofford said Thursday he still believes his league's expansion plan is on track and understands why officials at the University of Miami are taking their time before deciding on joining his league. Miami President Donna Shalala said Thursday that Miami administrators and trustees will analyze the pros and cons of a move from the Big East this weekend and announce their decision Monday. Miami and Virginia Tech were officially invited to join the ACC on Wednesday. Virginia Tech is expected to accept the invitation.
Miami to announce ACC decision by Monday

The only thing even remotely amateurish about big-time college sports anymore are some of the people in charge.
The university presidents of the Atlantic Coast Conference are this week's Exhibit A. Told by a consultant to consider adding schools or risk losing the ACC's front-row seat at the trough of TV payola in the not-too-distant future, they immediately launched the worst public courtship since the advent of "Elimidate."
Three-letter acronym for hypocrites: ACC

After spearheading a lobbying effort to persuade the University of Miami to remain in the Big East, Boston College officials yesterday were buoyed to learn Miami president Donna Shalala will wait until Monday to decide whether to accept an invitation to the Atlantic Coast Conference.
''That's a good sign for us, that's exciting,'' said BC athletic director Gene DeFilippo, appearing at a press conference with BC president Rev. William P. Leahy, S.J.
For BC, Miami decision to delay a good sign

Big East Candidates for expansion

UCF isn't sure how the Big East's probable membership losses affect future conference ties, but the Golden Knights won't deny they would relish the chance to impress a new suitor. They also might find themselves listening to a new pitch from an old acquaintance -- the Mid-American Conference.
Multiple sources in the MAC paint a picture of the league wanting to ensure a future with Marshall and UCF.
UCF watching conference changes from the sidelines





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