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MIAMI (AP) -- With a budget that's barely a sliver of what football and basketball programs at the University of Miami work with, men's track coach Mike Ward has to carefully choose which meets his team enters. Travel costs are the biggest restraint on Ward's budget. If his team want to compete against Big East rivals, they need expensive flights to the Northeast. But if Miami accepts an invitation to join the Atlantic Coast Conference, Ward said his team would be afforded more opportunities to compete against conference foes.
Move to ACC could make financial sense for Miami - Courier News


Miami's pending decision to remain in the Big East Conference or leave for the Atlantic Coast Conference appears to have little impact on high school football in New Jersey. But at least one high-profile player may hinge his college choice on Miami's choice of conference.
Don Bosco Prep's Brian Toal, who was the best player on the best team in the state as a junior last season and is expected to be the top recruit in the state as a senior, is eager to hear the announcement Miami is expected to make tomorrow.
"I'd think harder about going to a Big East school if Miami left," Toal said. "I wouldn't say no to a Big East school just because Miami left, but it would take some luster out of the Big East."
ACC Expansion and Recruiting


Granted, perched on the edges of their seats may be a tad ambitious. But the populaces in Storrs, Morgantown, and Piscataway are at least a little anxious to see what happens.And so are those in Orlando, Louisville, and Annapolis."When Miami decides, the domino effect will start occurring, and that may provide us opportunities we wouldn't otherwise have, " said Steve Orsini, Central Florida athletic director.
North Jersey Media Group


How stupid and ill is the Atlantic Coast Conference feeling right about now?
The great merger may be falling apart. The great raid conducted by the one-time classy ACC on the poor, helpless Big East Conference over the past month may be looking more like the Germans at Stalingrad. The idea to build the ACC into a super football conference hinges on what one other school does -- and that school isn't very happy right now. And now the ACC is in the uncomfortable position of finding itself in worse shape than it was before while only having itself to blame.
Oshkosh Northwestern Sports - Chuck Carlson column: Atlantic Coast Conference got too greedy for its own good


(KRT) - John Casteen has spent the better part of his adult life at Thomas Jefferson's university. Student, graduate student, dean of admissions and, since 1990, president. Now, in the spirit of Jefferson, Casteen needs to show himself an accountable public servant. Marye Anne Fox is an organic chemist. She has published extensively and lectured around the world. Now, in the spirit of science, Fox needs to share her theories. Casteen is president of the University of Virginia, Fox is chancellor of North Carolina State, and they belong to a group whose collective ineptness mocks their individual credentials and taints the reputation of a once-proud sports league.
KRT Wire | 06/29/2003 | The ACC's presidents defy belief


MIAMI — In yesterday's episode of As the University of Miami Turns, president Donna Shalala and athletic director Paul Dee spent much of the day on the telephone with representatives from the Big East Conference and the Atlantic Coast Conference, weighing offers as tomorrow's decision looms.
Shalala is scheduled to announce Miami's intention tomorrow afternoon, and both conferences are romancing the Hurricanes.
Officials from both conferences offered to fly to Florida to meet with Miami officials in person, but Shalala and Dee did not feel it was necessary, and they continued to gather information via telephone, fax and e-mail.
The Seattle Times: Sports: ACC, Big East wooing Miami


The man said he wanted to "turn down the volume" in college athletics, rid the fun and games of some of their overbearing commercialism and put them back into proper perspective.Why, then, has NCAA chief Myles Brand been so mute during this shameful affair between the corporate raider Atlantic Coast Conference and the Big East? Where has he been hiding the righteous rage? When did this man who fancied himself as a reformer turn into another toothless NCAA apparatchik?
NCAA's Brand stays silent on ACC moves


If the Atlantic Coast Conference has its way - whether Miami joins the league or not - the NCAA requirement that a conference have at least 12 teams to hold a football championship game will be changed, perhaps as soon as the 2004 season. "I feel sure that we will be making that request," ACC commissioner John Swofford said.
KnoxNews: Football


The numbers were clear to Miami when Boston College and Syracuse were part of the plan to join the Atlantic Coast Conference and form another 12-team super conference. That package had it all. There would be a lucrative conference championship game in football. There were two schools from the Northeast (a huge alumni base for Miami) and media markets that would have been a boost when the ACC renegotiated its football TV contract.
And with 12 teams, the ACC would have been ready for the future of college athletics. Just like the Southeastern Conference and the Big 12.
 But Syracuse and BC were rejected by the ACC Council of Presidents. Virginia Tech is the only expansion partner that has signed on the dotted line. That leaves the ACC with 10 teams, awaiting No. 11.
After all this time, wouldn't it be something if Miami president Donna Shalala discovered that the grass is actually greener on the Big East side of the fence?
ctnow.com: SPORTS


John Thompson was known as a very good college basketball coach. He was also known for his strong opinions. That's why he says he can't understand the silence of Big East basketball coaches in recent weeks as the ACC has threatened to ravage the league.
"I think the one thing that has upset me the most in this whole Big East-ACC thing," Thompson said, "is that the Big East coaches really didn't come out and fight against this thing. I mean, the only people I heard say anything were Jim Boeheim and Jim Calhoun. That's it.

ctnow.com: SPORTS


The game is not yet over - not officially, anyway - and already winners and losers are emerging in the nation's newest hit reality series.
Call it "Survivor: ACC Expansion." Whether or not Miami accepts a bid to join the conference, dealing a potentially lethal blow to the Big East, new realities have emerged. Hard-won reputations have been torched. Careers possibly made or unmade.
LOSER: The ACC's good name.


At the end of a phone interview concerning ACC expansion, ex-Virginia athletic director Jim Copeland had an unusual request.
"Let me ask you a question," said Copeland, who has been the Southern Methodist AD since 1995. "How did Virginia Tech orchestrate this?"
Orchestration? Are you kidding? There were no instruments involved in this. No conductor, either.


You would expect a saga as lengthy and complicated as the one involving ACC expansion to have a hero, but somebody wrote this script without giving any of the major players an overwhelming virtue.The best thing that can be said about the cast of antagonists is the best of them are variously less unsavory than the worst. And the irony for the ACC is that the only university which at this hour is assured of becoming a new member, Virginia Tech, is the greatest offender in this prolonged drama.
Fayetteville Online Story - Virginia Tech acted poorly in ACC expansion


With Miami studying and negotiating proposals from the Atlantic Coast Conference and Big East, the ACC is preparing for Virginia Tech and possibly the Hurricanes to join the conference for football in 2004-2005.
If a 12th member is added by then, there will be two six-team divisions and a conference championship game that could produce between $6 million-$8 million initially.
Either way Miami gets ready


So you want to talk about conferences in college sports? And about one that almost always involved Notre Dame football? Let me tell you about an idea, or maybe it was a dream of the long ago. For years, it made the sports pages, or maybe the musings of radio and television commentators. For want of a better word, it was called the Airplane Conference. Or maybe the Dream Teams.
SouthBendTribune.com: No takeoff for Irish in league


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