Gibbons Goes In-Depth on Rutgers Offer

St. Petersburg (Fla.) Catholic 2014 OT/TE Reilly Gibbons added a Rutgers verbal offer yesterday after working out in front of an assistant coach. Gibbons is being recruited by schools as both a left tackle and tight end and discussed the beginning of his college recruitment.

St. Petersburg (Fla.) Catholic 2014 prospect Reilly Gibbons brings new meaning to the word versatility.

Gibbons, just a high-school sophomore, is being recruited at two premium spots on offense — tight end and left tackle. Gibbons is a natural tight end with a 6-foot-6, 260-pound frame, but began working this week as a left tackle.

"I'm a natural left hander, so that really helps me with the left tackle position," Gibbons said. "Being a prospect at both tight end and left tackle has just opened up so many doors for me. A lot of schools that wouldn't be interested in me much as just a tight end are coming out of the woodworks because I can play both."

Rutgers assistant coach Darnell Dinkins was in attendance yesterday for Gibbons' first practice at left tackle and was so impressed with his performance that he verbally offered him a scholarship later that day.

"He told me that I'm a pretty natural tight end," Gibbons said. "He likes that I'm a big guy. He's a pretty big guy himself, about my height and a little bigger. He said he's always liked big tight ends and that I'm one of them."

Meeting Dinkins, he said, was a thrill because of what he accomplished as a tight end in the NFL.

"Coach Dinkins is the man," Gibbons said. "He looks like he just got out of the league honestly. He showed me his Super Bowl ring. Wow. It was cool getting to meet him. It's so cool having these colleges around. We've got a lot around because of [four-star running back Ryan Green], but a lot see me working out there too. It's good."

Gibbons is not to the point of planning future trips but said that he is interested in seeing Rutgers. As an aspiring sports agent and lawyer, the opportunities at Rutgers and in nearby New York and Philadelphia intrigue him, he said.

"The education is most important," he said. "I want to be an attorney just like my mom. My mom's an attorney. I want to go to law school. I want a quality education that's going to put me in a good place in life."

Gibbons picked up his first offer earlier this year from Tennessee.

"Tennessee is beautiful," he said. "They have the second largest stadium in the NCAA and it's just huge. They said they were fine with me [as a left tackle]. They love me either way."

Gibbons is hearing from more than a dozen Division I programs and visited Notre Dame twice in the last year and is hearing from all of the top programs in the Sunshine State.

Earlier today, Gibbons added a Nebraska offer to his growing list. The only question for Gibbons is where he will play.

If Gibbons had a choice, he would be a tight end, but an opportunity for a scholarship at any position is his main focus.

"I really do love having the ball in my hands, but as much as a running team as we are with Ryan, it makes the most sense for me to play tackle," he said. "I'm getting a lot more looks at left tackle. I love playing tight end, but I just want to see how it goes when I get to college. I could do either."

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