Behind the scenes in the ACC

From my source inside one of the Athletic Departments in the ACC:

"It was a done deal for Miami and VT to accept the invite last week. Miami wanted to delay it for a good reason. NBC and Fox TV are apparently negotiating with the ACC and with Miami over a "special" deal. At this time, NBC has a short list of key sports on their airwaves, having no NFL football.  But you could say that they have Notre Dame.....You are right and this is where it gets complicated.  There is a good chance that ND strikes a sweet deal with the ACC as the 12th team with NBC gaining broadcast rights to the entire league where they can feature UM, ND and FSU.  Notre Dame only goes with significant financial inducements. Just like in the movie, All The President's Men,  the key phrase is "follow the money".  The ultimate setup is likely to be determined by a major network."

Mike Fasano:

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