JuCo OLB Jenkins-Moore Has Top Three

Pierce (Los Angeles) JuCo outside linebacker Marcus Jenkins-Moore has a top three and new decision timeframe in sight. Heading into the summer, Jenkins-Moore discussed his three favorites, visits and what he is looking for in a school.

Looking to avoid a dragged out recruiting process, Pierce (Los Angeles) JuCo outside linebacker Marcus Jenkins-Moore is focused on three schools and looking to move up his decision to late summer.

Though no schools have been officially eliminated, Jenkins-Moore has Rutgers, Kansas State and Purdue as his official top three.

"It's simple really," Jenkins-Moore said. "Those are the three schools that want me the most right now. They're showing the most interest in me and that's appreciated. By now I've seen how these coaches really feel about me. I have my mind on those three."

Jenkins-Moore does not have an order of his top three and will continue to listen to other schools that get involved, he said. His main interests are playing time, the chance to win big games, strength of schedule and general comfort with the program.

"I really like Rutgers because they're showing how much they want me," Jenkins-Moore said. "... They told me I'm the only JuCo linebacker they're recruiting. They want me to come in right away and replace [co-Big East Defensive Player of the Year] Khaseem Greene. Those are some big shoes to fill. They really want me to come there."

At Purdue, Jenkins-Moore is most impressed with the chance to play in the Big 10, he said.

"They really like me," he said. "It's a good team waiting to be put on the map. They're a strong program that plays a Big 10 schedule. They play Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, that's great."

Kansas State rounds off his top three, standing out because of early interest and a chance to play.

"They've been with me since the beginning recruiting me," he said. "... It's Kansas State, that's a great place to play football. They're Big 12 champions. You know how that is. That's a big team coming up and they respect JuCo guys. That's another reason why I like Kansas State. They respect JuCo guys just like a person from high school coming in."

Jenkins-Moore hopes to take official visits to all three finalists this summer before making his final decision. He planned to decide after his sophomore season at Pierce, but moved up his decision after a change of heart, looking to end things in the late summer.

"It's just time," Jenkins-Moore said. "I want to go to what's next for me. I'm not the kind of player to drag this out. I don't want to mislead anyone. I don't want to lead these schools on. I want it to be real."

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