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 Fan Feedback

On "Sympathy for the Devil"

A Boston College fan wrote:

Please do not characterize the Boston College Fans by those 20 or 30 people that post on the internet. You should know better. Every internet site has it wackos, including the Rutgers site.

The BC Administration did nothing wrong and was upfront about their desires to secure a future for BC (a small private university). As we have seen every Big East Team would have jumped for the ACC, it is just that BC got a little bit further down the road before the door was shut.

The BC Administration speaks for Boston College, not a hand full of posters!!!


A Virginia Tech fan saw it in a different fashion:


VT graduate here. I'm very disappointed with my alma mater's recent choices
regarding the Big East.

Have you seen the letter Steger sent VT alumni?

I hate to have my diploma tarnished by these sorts of actions.

I've sent your article along to a lot of my VT friends. I hope it makes it's
way to our administration's desks.


And this Tech Fan yet a different view:

   Mike, that VT asked the remaining BE members to sign a pact to stay together and turn down the ACC!  No one would sign it! Not Rutgers, WVU, UCONN, Pitt.............  Game changes . Matter of survival. VT wins! Rutgers loses! Rutgers should have signed that little piece of paper and persuaded the others to do so!  I like Rutgers. Met some of their fans when you all beat us 50-49 years ago.


Some fans mistakenly thought that I had become a supporter of William Dowling's views:

Unfortunately, you are right. I've been saying since i was an undergrad at University of Florida ... , that colleges and universities should just sponsor semi pro teams and be up front about it. just knock off the lies and the bullshit. "


Rutgers fans found villains out there:

Good column, Mike.  As I understand it, Miami U. was the chief author and instigator of this whole mess.  I think it's important to note again that none other than Shalala is the President at Miami; She, of The Clinton Shame Brigade.

And some fans were just outright disgusted by the whole thing:

Read your article, couldn't agree more, as a former College Coach and Athletic Administrator, the recent ACC/Big East debacle has left me wondering what has happen to reason, morality, ethics, and truth.  I guess at this point we have seen enough to realize  the AD's and Conference Administrator's as a group have come from within the "system" and therefore are prone to the foibles of the
system.  But the Presidents behavior, quite frankly, dumbfounds me.  Isn't there an honest president left out there that would stand up and  proclaim enough is enough!  After all they represent Institutions of higher learning, they have a responsibility to their students and faculty to demonstrate ethical and moral behavior.  Living in the Corporate world I know exactly what to expect in today's business climate, I just didn't expect it from a group of College Presidents, silly me!


On "Goodbye, Cruel World":

This fan had this to say:

Liked your probation piece. I guess we're still paying for the lack of athletic direction by Edward Bloustein and his confidence in Fred Gruninger.
Thank God the probation is already half over.


On Realignment:

    Well, Miami going to the ACC was not unexpected but Notre Dame as the 12th TEAM (the NY/NJ exposure the ACC has lacked)??!!
    One quality the Eastern schools and fans seem to have lacked in all of this is any positive esteem for the Eastern region, THEIR REGION!!! I don't know how many times I had to read messages on the board about Rutgers or Pitt possibly going to the Big Ten - it's really sickening! I think it's up to the remaining schools to really concentrate on winning - I know it's going to be more difficult than ever but success can come. We just have to be careful what schools the Big East decides to bring in. One thing though, Air Force has succeeded in the Mountain West and before that in the WAC. One thing that the military academies can do and that is draw fans; I have seen  comment that one important reason Army and Navy don't succeed in football is  that they don't belong to a conference. One or the other of the two military academies should be in the mix for Big East membership, if Notre Dame goes
to the ACC, Army, if not, Navy. If VT has no market to speak of and the Big  East invited them, we should consider Marshall.
    I think the remaining 4 should have plenty of motivation this fall in playing Miami, VT, BC and Syracuse. Even with our weak lines we should give each a battle!

Mike and the Big Dog's LLC

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