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For all the lousy yesterdays chasing Rutgers football, the conclusion to the ACC's cold, cutting raid of the Big East should've signaled doom for its tomorrows, too. If Scarlet Knights' coach Greg Schiano had nothing else to sell New Jersey high school recruits, he had this pitch in the old conference: For the chance to compete at the highest level of college football, no one had to leave the state. It could all be here, all at Rutgers.
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Championship final

HENLEY-ON-THAMES, England (AP) - Rutgers and the University of Washington won semifinal races yesterday, setting up an all-American final for the Ladies' Plate at the Henley Royal Regatta.
Two other American teams reached today's final. Jason Read and Bryan Volpenhein will face British Olympic stars Matthew Pinsent and James Cracknell in the Silver Goblets, and Malvern Preparatory School from suburban Philadelphia will race in the Fawley Cup.
Rutgers, Princeton crews reach finals


Big East

Throughout the lengthy conference fiasco in which the ACC swallowed the two biggest fish in the Big East football pond, commissioner Mike Tranghese has been described by critics as anything from naive to bitter and beaten.
His description of the soap opera: "The public is disgusted with us all."
Tranghese: Big East needs time for answers

One Sunday in May, as the conference he helped create was crumbling around him, Mike Tranghese approached his struggling playing partner on a Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., golf course and gave him advice.
"He told me, `You just ought to go up and hit the ball. Stop thinking. Just go up and hit it,' " said Bill Bradshaw, the Temple athletic director. "I thought, `Gee, with all the stuff that's going on, what great advice in general.' "
Tranghese is left to restore Big East

A civil war is taking shape in college athletics. On one side is Big Football, and other side is what might be called Little Football. A major collision between the factions is coming, with a couple of possible outcomes: either a genuine reform effort will finally take shape, or the NCAA as we know it will end.
Big football's bully tactics may kill NCAA


A financially independent athletic department at the University of Massachusetts. The school would get its long-awaited dream of Division I-A football, without taking any money from the rest of campus.
The chancellor is brilliant and everybody from football fans to the biology department is happy. Bob Meers, the former CEO of Reebok that turned it into the No. 2 sneaker company in the world, is providing the plan.
The only problem is, it has no chance of working. None.
UMass to I-A No way

With Miami and Virginia Tech's decision to bolt the Big East for the stability of the Atlantic Coast Conference, questions abound regarding the future makeup of collegiate athletic conferences throughout the nation.
For Louisville fans, these questions have created anxiety and uncertainty about what role the Cardinals will play in this process. Cardinal fans want answers to the questions of when and where UofL will land when the conference reshuffling comes to an end. However, uncertainty may force Cardinal fans to wait a while longer until some important and fundamental questions are answered.
InsideTheVille.com -- Questions Need Answers, Cards Patient


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