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Fan Feedback

On Mike Teel

Hi Mike,
Hope all is well with you and yours. Mike Teel is a great get for RU, especially after what the Big East has been through for the past 2 1/2 months.


On the end of the Big East

It's now clear that the BE ,as we know it, is gone and will never return regardless of which of the five football schools maintain membership. Our focus should now be the future and how we can influence it. At the heart of the ACC action is money, and the source of money is TV. There seems to be a belief by the ACC that it can dominate the New York market from a distant Syracuse. This is a fallacy that the ACC will learn in the future, although the Boston market may be in play through BC.
If we piece together a remnant BE with selected CUSA schools RU will appear to be a second class citizen in a second class league. But, there is hope if we use imagination and speed. First, it's important to do everything we can to deny the ACC the NY tv market, which means initially not to schedule any ACC teams by RU and Conn. Second, we should insure that neither MU nor SU and BC get to use the Meadowlands as a "home" or neutral site for fb. Since the Meadowlands is technically our home field based on our agreement with them, there should be some NCAA provision that bars other teams from playing in our home area. f
How do we protect or control the TV market? We should schedule blockbuster teams the TV will not ignore. As we now stand Coach Schiano tells us he is building toward parity with MU and VT. If this is more than a pipedream, switching the focus of this parity from MU and VT toward games with Big 10 schools should not be daunting, after all, MU is perennial national champ. I suggest we take the Big 10 schools east of the Mississippi ( Mich., Mich. St. ,Illinois, OH, and PSt) as annual home and home games, playing 3 of these every year on a rotating basis. All of these schools would jump at the chance to play at Giants Stadium and the TV people would hardly ignore the games. For those who think the schedule would be too tough, remember playing MU and VT each year. If we play three of our non-conference games against these teams each year, we will give Coach Schiano the ability to sell a major big-time schedule to recruits and get a good payoff each year at the gate and TV. This will help freeze the ACC out of the NY market. Conn. should then concentrate on the NE market where they primarily live in FB. I would ignore Big 10's west of the Miss. Not only are they poor eastern draws, all they want is recruiting space. Of course , the five I mention are also primed for recruiting, but the financial payoff and the luster of seeing them on our schedule each year more than compensates for their recruiting efforts in our home area
As with most of you I'm disappointed to see RU in this predicament. Unlike most of you, however, I've seen RU FB in the glory days of the late 40's ' 50's, 60's and 70' s, including wins against PS , Tenn., Mich St and near wins against Fla., Ala.., all national powers at the time. GS can bring those days back, but the financial pipeline must keep working or the athletic program will unravel. This Big 10 tie-in can help the cash flow, but it's also important for all of us to dig deep at this critical moment.
As for the lawsuit and its presumed futility, I can only think about similar circumstances in business. While it's true that employee 1 can leave to join company B, if company B comes back and entices employees 2 ,3 and 4 to leave, thereby destroying the raided company's ability to survive by depriving it of its ultimate product (in this case a BCS slot) I'm not sure this constitutes fair competition as far as the courts are concerned.
RC Grad



On the coming end of "Mike and the Big Dog"

Well, you are in the home stretch and I just renewed for the last time. I have come to know and understand your passion and your concerns over the last many years. There is a time to stay and a time to go. Your time is arriving and I appreciate the difficulty of your decision.

Thank you so much for all you have done for Rutgers sports. Those of us who are long standing fans truly appreciate your efforts and can only hope that someone will be found to do half the job you have all done. In my experience you ran the best board in the business.

Thanks again, and keep the news coming as long as you stay.



On Sympathy for the Devil

Mike -

With regard to "Sympathy for the Devil"

Great, great have totally outdone yourself literarily.

Although I obviously take your side, as opposed to Dr. Dowling's argument, for Rutgers pursuing big-time college athletics, I admire your having giving the other side its due. As any fine attorney must do to win his/her case, you've done a great job of trying to make sense of, neigh validate, rather than dismissing, what the other side believes. (I only wish you had granted Mr. McGreevey the same "due" in the Rutgers - NJ Med - Name Changegate...)

Anyway, fine article. As far as Rutgers is concerned, let's just hope that Misters McCormick and Mulcahy have a good plan B.


On "all of the above"

"Sympathy for the Devil" is a masterpiece. I want to express my appreciation for all the great things you have done for Rutgers over the years and I hope you will keep your oar in the water if and when you leave. We need you and the Big Dogs commentary now more than ever. Rutgers is going to do just fine in the future. Please remain part of it.

As I see it, The Big East and the ACC made two early major mistakes by letting two professional teams into their conference and they will continue to pay for it. Now the ACC has Miami and Florida State plus Virginia Tech in their conference and there will be no peace among conference members. I live in Elon, NC between Chapel Hill and Greensboro and I anticipate the locals will not always be happy campers in the near future. I will wear my RU shirt when I mow the lawn and enjoy the conversation.

Mike and the Big Dog's LLC

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