Rutgers Football Makes Top 10 in APR

The NCAA released its full Academic Progress Rate findings today and Rutgers is back in the top 10 of all football programs. Checking in at No. 9 overall, Rutgers is in the top 10 for the fifth consecutive year.

Rutgers continue to get work done in the classroom in a big way, receiving more recognition from the NCAA for its high Academic Progress Rate.

After releasing that Rutgers scored in the top 10 percent of all football programs last week, the NCAA announced its full findings today. The Scarlet Knights are back as one of the top 10 overall football programs in the APR, finishing ninth.

After first- and second-place finishes the last two years, Rutgers is now a top 10 finisher for the fifth straight year.

"This is a piece of the puzzle," said head coach Kyle Flood after last week's announcement. "Our players this semester had the highest semester GPA that we've had in 10 years and we're very excited about that because there's no reason why you can't have a national championship football program and also get a great education while you're doing it and that's the formula we try to use here at Rutgers."

The APR score is a combined rating by the NCAA for individual team's performance in the classroom, including eligibility, retention and graduation of student athletes.

Rutgers posted a total score of 982 for football, which is ninth best overall and fifth for BCS programs.

Northwestern, Duke and Boise State were the top three schools in that order.

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