Galambos Taking His Time

Haverford (Pa.) School linebacker Matt Galambos does not want to force a college decision and hopes to slow the process down. Speaking after the completion of his summer visits, Galambos discussed the schools standing out and in contention for official visits.

Haverford (Pa.) School linebacker Matt Galambos is done taking visits for the summer and focused on improvements for his senior season. Galambos took unofficial visits to four schools during the summer, but has no plans of making a quick commitment.

"Right now, I'm not really trying to push anything," Galambos said. "I'm not really trying to force it. I'm trying to hear from my whole family and a bunch of different people. Their input is big, so I'm taking it all into consideration. I'm still building relationships with the coaches. Whatever school wants me the most, that's the most important thing. I don't want to go somewhere I'm not wanted."

Galambos took visits to Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Syracuse and Harvard and said he has a legitimate interest in an Ivy League football career and education.

He has not heard from any of his suitors recently, he said, but expects to hear more from them when coaches return from vacation and prepare for training camp.

"Things have been slow in July with just a lot of coaches on vacation and everything, I've just been running and doing a lot of weight training to get ready and not really worrying about recruiting as much since I visited everywhere," Galambos said.

Galambos has official visits on his mind, with Rutgers and Pittsburgh as the most likely destinations, he said. Syracuse, Harvard and Yale may also receive official visits, but the proximity from home may become an issue.

"I think I might take some official visits, maybe like two or three," Galambos said. "I'd like to do it during the season, but my team does it after, so I guess we'll have to see. I'll probably go up to a few local games during the season on unofficial visits. I just want to watch the games, get a feel for the gameday atmosphere and stuff."

Rutgers and Pittsburgh were both eye-opening trips during June and July, Galambos said.

"I really liked [Rutgers]," Galambos said. "I liked the expansion of the stadium and the facilities and everything were amazing. I talked with [head coach Kyle Flood] and he seemed like a really straightforward guy. He was serious and he said his guys really liked me. He as serious about me staying on the right path and being a hard worker and stuff. That was really cool too."

Pittsburgh, though a different environment, gave Galambos the same feeling, he said.

"When I went up to Pitt, I really liked the facilities and they showed they really want me there," he said. "It felt like all of the attention was on me and my family when I went up there. I got to sit down with [head coach Paul Chryst]. I really liked him because we talked for about 10 or 15 minutes about how I fit the next few years and how they're starting a foundation of kids building around this class."

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