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The Last Picture Show - the Finale

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The Last Picture Show - the Finale

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Jersey Kicking

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Five incoming recruits do not think Rutgers' football program will be hampered by Miami and Virginia Tech leaving the Big East for the Atlantic Coast Conference in 2004.
Rashawn Ricks of Paterson Catholic, Pedro Sosa of Union Hill, Joe Porter of Franklin, Sam Johnson of Bergen Catholic and Orlando Kane of Lawrence are getting their first taste this week of what playing at Rutgers will be like, as they prepare for the Governor's Bowl All-Star Classic Saturday at Rutgers Stadium in Piscataway. The 5 p.m. game pits New Jersey against New York.
Rutgers recruits sense little loss

Women's Basketball

Rutgers rising junior Cappie Pondexter (Chicago, IL) will train in New York and Boston July 12-20 with the USA Basketball program as the Americans prepare for the FIBA World Championship for Young Women.
The 12-member team currently is practicing at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO, through July 11. The team will then travel east, practicing three times at the New York Athletic Club July 12-13. The Americans will make their final training stop in Boston, playing several friendly games at Northeastern University. The U.S. Young Women will play Brazil July 15 and July 19 at 1:00 p.m., and the Australians July 16 at 1:00 p.m. and July 20 at 3:00 p.m. In addition, Pondexter and her teammates will scrimmage against the U.S. Pan-American Games Team July 18 at the Reebok Campus at 1:00 p.m. All practice sessions are open to the media, and the games in Boston are open to the public.
Rutgers' Pondexter Returns East To Train With USA Basketball

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Recruit Information

There he goes again, and it's still a sight that sends ripples through the scores of onlookers watching him play.
Sebastian Telfair bursts to the hoop, a twisting and turning journey through the paint, ball whipping from hand to hand.
Once again, the Lincoln High School product out of Brooklyn is doing it at ABCD Camp. The four-year camp veteran looks as if he's toying with the competition in the afternoon session of Day One on Tuesday.
First team All-Hype

This is supposed to be the Adidas ABCD basketball camp, right?
Just checking. Because there were times Tuesday afternoon when a spectator might have been fooled by the mass of humanity going one-on-one on Court 4 in Fairleigh Dickinson's Rothman Center into thinking the scrimmage line, and not the foul line, was nearby.
Specifically, these two masses of humanity are known as the 6-foot-10, 350-pound Aaron Agnew of Bridgeport, Ohio, and the 6-9, 330-pound Glen Davis of Baton Rouge, La., who is also called "Baby Shaq." That's because of his hometown -which is where Shaquille O'Neal's college, LSU, is - and his dimensions.
Sizing up a huge matchup

They may have heard a little about it. After all, the impact of foreign players on the NBA draft has been hard to ignore the past few weeks.
But most of the teenaged players at Adidas' ABCD Camp did not go to the Fairleigh Dickinson University campus fully understanding how personal and real the threat to them from foreign players is.
Hours into the first night, camp founder Sonny Vaccaro was trying to give the kids a wakeup call.
ABCDers in foreign territory

The Red Storm's hot pursuit of two New York-area talents has brought coach Mike Jarvis to the Nike All-American Camp. As it turns out, if he gets one of them he might get the other as well.
Point guard A.J. Price of Amityville said yesterday that he and combo guard Russell Robinson of Rice have been talking about choosing a college together.
Pals Price & Robinson may choose together

It was only one game in July, but Sebastian Telfair won the battle of elite point guards at ABCD Camp yesterday.
Telfair scored 15 points and dished out nine assists in a 79-70 win over a team led by Orlando point guard Darius Washington at Fairleigh Dickinson University.
Washington, considered perhaps the only other guard in the country with a chance to jump straight to the NBA, scored just five points and had one assist.
This time Telfair 'destroys' rival

He knows the question is coming. As soon as people see his last name, as soon as they make the connection to his famous father, the question is as inevitable as the final buzzer in a basketball game.
So, you play tennis?
"No, I don't play tennis," Joakim Noah said after his first game at Adidas ABCD Camp yesterday.
Noah's son picks hoop over racket

Around Big East


Still reeling from Miami and Virginia Tech's defection to the Atlantic Coast Conference, commissioners from the Big East, Conference USA and Atlantic 10 are beginning to position themselves for a future in which the only certainty is more realignment.
Conferences May Soon Play Musical Chairs

The domino effect of Atlantic Coast Conference expansion could lead to a merger between the Big East and Conference USA that would create separate leagues for some of their football and basketball members, East Carolina Chancellor William Muse said yesterday.
Under that scenario, Rutgers and Seton Hall, New Jersey's Big East members, would wind up parting ways.
Muse participated in a teleconference of Conference USA presidents yesterday that focused on the league's future.
"I think everyone recognizes that that (a Big East/Conference USA merger) is clearly a scenario," Muse said.
Merger possible between leagues

While college conferences continue to talk and plan for the future, further expansion remains on hold, awaiting the Big East to move following last week's defection of Miami (Fla.) and Virginia Tech to the Atlantic Coast Conference.
Conference USA school presidents held a teleconference Wednesday to preliminarily discuss expansion, and Commissioner Britton Banowsky said the league agreed that no schools would leave before June 30, 2005. Atlantic 10 athletics directors will talk today. Those leagues are considered most likely to be affected depending what route the Big East takes.
ACC expansion's effects will be slow in coming

Presidents of Conference USA universities will hold a conference call today to discuss a plan and a timetable for future realignment. The call comes as universities prepare for a trickle-down impact of the Atlantic Coast Conference's decision last month to expand by adding Big East members Miami and Virginia Tech.
A person with first-hand knowledge of the potential Conference USA realignment said it is possible the Big East members that play football could merge with several Conference USA members that also play football to form a new conference. Some Big East colleges that play basketball but do not field football teams would then merge with Conference USA basketball colleges to form another conference
Conferences Consider Merits of Realignment





Women's Basketball


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The University of Massachusetts yesterday announced plans for major restructuring in its athletic department, changes that will result in 15 layoffs and a possible move for the football program to the Division 1-A level.
UMass makes changes

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