Ask the Experts: Part III

With two weeks before the beginning of Rutgers training camp, is here to answer your burning questions. In the third part of a busy question and answer series, we look at a questions about the attitude of the team, the new Big East and how the administration is viewed.

Q. My question is it possible that garret sickels and mahon will give RU a look again before the recruiting season is over?

A. I am not a mind reader so I don't know. I think the Penn State situation needs to have closure. If they both look around, I don't think Sickels and Rutgers have much of a chance. Mahon may, but not sure of Rutgers' interest level. The Scarlet Knights were a close second in the recruiting, but who knows if they will take them.

Q. What is your opinion of where the OL and running game is going into camp and what are the prospects for this rushing attack to average 150 YPG or more?

A. I don't like the prospects of rushing for more than 150 a game because teams will load the box and ask Rutgers to throw the ball. As for the OL, I think the best way to summarize it is to say unsettled. I don't think any of the freshmen will play, but I also need to see more at center and right tackle. Whether Antwan Lowery factors into the starting rotation at guard is also up in the air.

Q. W hat is your forecast of where DL will be in stopping the run effectively?

A. That goes hand-in-hand with the linebackers. They have to fill the gaps and make tackles. In the middle, I am fine with Rutgers' defensive line. At the ends, I am taking a ‘Show Me' approach. Rutgers has unproven players there and it has to show it can have gap integrity. I don't see Rutgers being great against the run, but not bad either.

Q. Is the plan still going forward to sell beer in high point this season? And more importantly I would like to hear brians opnion on first year -first time head coaches and what are the common pitfalls they face.

A. To be honest, I don't know but I will check. Second, I don't like it. I know it creates more revenue, but at what cost? I have two young boys. It is bad enough when the odd moment comes up where we are sitting next to a drunk fan who has tailgated for six hours. Allow that fan to continue to feed his/her drunken state for three quarters inside the stadium and it can become unbearable.

As for first-year coaches, it is the same as any profession. It comes down to having markedly more knowledge after going through something the first time.

Q. Could Rutgers have gotten Devin Fuller (Old Tappan/UCLA) if they promised to keep him at QB?

A. No shot. Rutgers was telling him he could play quarterback, but the way Schiano handled the quarterbacks was not appealing. Also, when promises are made in recruiting, they are often used against programs in the future because promises don't work unless a kid performs well. There was also a belief with those close to Fuller that Rutgers never had the intention of playing him at quarterback, and that trust was never going to be gained.

Q. What is the vision both Tim P. and Coach Flood have for the future of Rutgers it different? Does it have a time frame?

A. If they were different, Flood would not have been hired. Both want Rutgers to be a high-caliber, clean, incident-free program. Needing to win a Big East title in a certain number of years is not how administrators of coaches view things. They both think Rutgers should be really good this season, and both want Rutgers to have a profile nationally.

Q. Will any of our current commits get bumped up - star wise - in the next evaluation period?

A. I am not sure at this time, but I think their ratings will go up in some instances. It is too early to make that determination because a lot of the commits didn't hit the camp circuit, so they were not seen a lot. Therefore, having them go up in rankings are the summer evaluation period is almost impossible. As for the case of guys like Eric Wiafe, a big step-up was made prior to his commitment because of a camp performance.

Q. Will RU now make backup plans to keep scholies open in wake of PSU fallout . Allegedly at PSU, anyone will be allowed to transfer without penalty of sit out year?

At this point it is hard for schools to clear scholarships. Most are full, or one off, and kids have already reported for summer workouts. Clearing scholarships now will be difficult. It can be done, but it will be hard. Very hard.

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